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Jodha Akbar: 3rd April; Jalal Believes Jodha Cheated Him; Dilawar Cornered

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Jodha Akbar 3rd April written episode: Sujhamal cleverly avoids Rukaiya’s order of foot massage. He says that he cannot dare touch the feet of the Chief Queen of Akbar. Rukaiya sends him to Jodha’s chamber with some excuse. Maha Manga goes to Akbar with the portrait of Dilawar. She tells Akbar to see the picture minutely and identify the person.

Akbar fails to understand Maha Manga’s words. She quickly takes soot from the lamps and draws moustache and beard on the face. Now Akbar quickly remembers the face; it is the face of the man he saw with Jodha at night.

Maha Manga successfully provokes Akbar to believe that Jodha’s secret lover has enterred the Harem. He rushes to search Dilawar Khan with open sword. He comes to Rukaiya’s chamber and is told that Dilawar has gone to meet Jodha. Sujahmal gives his identity to Jodha, who is shocked to know that a Ranbanshi has taken the guise of a eunuch. Sujahmal argues that for a Rajbanshi, his promise is most important.

Sujhamal tells Jodha that he came to the palace with a mission of unveiling the traitor. But he has got no hint about it, rather Akbar has started doubting him. He thinks of leaving the palace soon. Between their conversation they hear Akbar’s screams.

Sujhamal quickly flees. Akbar orders the soldiers to catch him at any cost. Sujhamal fights and kills a big number of soldiers. He enters the kitchen and has a tough fight there too. After killing the soldiers, he hides inside a big pitcher.

A maid sees Sujhamal hiding inside the pitcher. She gives the information to Akbar. Akbar warns him to come out and threatens of dire consequences. No one comes out of the pitcher.

Maha Manga Gets Evidence

Maha Manga gets Jalal the evidence. She gets the drawing of Dilawar Khan.

Dilawar Khan

Jalal sees the picture of Dilawar Khan and mentions there is nothing amiss about it.

Maha Manga Makes Changes

Maha Manga then makes some changes to the picture.

The Person Whom Jodha Met

It will look like the person Jodha met in the middle of the night.

Jalal Recognises

Jalal then recognises the person is in fact the person Jodha met in the middle of the night. He gets very angry with the fact that the person was inside his palace.


Jalal would get very angry without knowing that the person is none other than Jodha's brother Sujhamal.

Sujhamal Informs Jodha

Sujhamal then informs Jodha about his attempt at trying to find the threat for Jalal. But now that he is too late, he says he will be leaving.

Jodha Comes To Know

Jodha though gets upset about it, she gets overwhelmed that Sujhamal did all this for her sake.

Jalal Reaches

Jalal comes to Jodha and declares that he knows everything about Dilawar Khan and her and that he will kill him.

Jodha Shocked

Jodha gets dumbstruck and shocked at the turn of events and with Jalal declaring that he will kill Dilawar Khan.

Sujhamal Fights To Escape

Sujhamal tries to escape fighting all the soldiers in the palace.

No Escape

But with failing to escape Sujhamal decides to hide inside a huge pot.

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