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Jodha Akbar: 6th June; Attack On Jodha-Akbar By Adam Khan (Pics)

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    Jodha Akbar 6th June written episode: After the puja is over, Jodha and Akbar plan to visit an orphanage. Akbar takes only four soldiers with him, as he thinks that the children can become scared seeing so many soldiers. The soldiers hesitate as Atgah will definitely scold them, but they are bound to obey Akbar.

    When Akbar and Jodha proceed through a jungle, the four soldiers are killed by attackers. Jodha and Akbar are captivated by a thick net and kept inside a dark room. The attackers declare that they will kill them soon, but do not disclose for whom they are working.

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    After they leave the room, Akbar tells Jodha to give him his dagger, which is kept inside his belt. He cuts the net with the dagger and comes out. He kills the guards who try to prevent him and rescues Jodha. They take the swords from the guards and come out of the room.

    While Jodha wants to escape fast, Akbar says that he will not move without teaching the men a lesson, as they have dared touch his Queen. He encourages Jodha into fighting back. Jodha and Akbar kill all the soldiers except one, who flees.

    Atgah finds that Akbar has left the troop of soldiers; he becomes worried and starts searching him. He finds the bodies of the dead soldiers. When he finds the Emperor and the Queen, there fight with the attackers is over. Atgah sends his men to catch the person who has escaped.

    The man comes to Adam Khan who appointed him for the attack; Adam kills him to destroy evidence. When Atgah and his men find the man’s body, they understand that he has been killed by his boss. They fail to see Adam.

    Hamida alerts Maha Manga about the attack. Maha manga apprehends that this is committed by Adam Khan. She comes to know that Adam is absent in the palace from the morning. When Akbar and Jodha come back, Akbar tells everyone that Jodha is a great warrior, expert in handling sword. Everyone appreciates Jodha.

    Jodha And Jalal Get Attacked

    Jodha and Jalal would be traveling with fewer soldiers when the attack takes place.

    Jalal-Jodha Captured

    Jalal and Jodha would get captured but with Jodha's help Jalal would free himself and her.

    Jodha And Jalal Together

    Jodha and Jalal would decide to fight together.

    Jodha Fights Like A Pro

    Jodha would fight alongside Jalal like a pro.

    Adga Saab Arrives Soon

    Adga Saab would have sensed foul play and would have left earlier to protect Jalal.

    Adham Khan

    Adham Khan would have planned the attack on Jalal.

    Jodha Applies Medicine

    Jodha would apply medicine to Jalal.

    Jalal Too

    Jalal too would apply medicine to Jodha's wounds.

    Maha Manga Knew It Was Adham

    Noticing Adham Khan's absence Maha Manga would have guessed it was Adham Khan's doing.

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