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Jodha Akbar: 8th April; Jodha, Jalal Kiss Away Tears, Misunderstandings!

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Jodha Akbar 8th April written episode: Akbar and Sujhamal get down from their horses and fight with swords. Sujahmal tells Akbar that he is not attacking him, but only defending his attacks. Next Akbar insists on fighting without weapons. Sujhamal sees Sharifuddin with covered face, targeting Akbar with arrows. He promptly pushes Akbar, and the arrow hits him.

Akbar asks Sujhamal why he saved his life. Sujhamal gives his true identity and clears his intention. Akbar regrets and repents his misunderstanding about Jodha. Adam Khan asks Akbar why he is nursing Sujhamal, who attacked him on the day of festival. Akbar says, if the person truly wanted to kill him, he would never have saved his life.

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Sujhamal explains the whole story to Akbar, his meeting with Jodha, Abul Mali’s conspiracy, the attack on the day of festival and the following incidents. He declares that the Mughal is still his enemy and he will kill a Mughal in the battlefield. But he will never harm the vermilion of his sister, says Sujhamal. He says that he should not take favours from Akbar anymore. He insists that either Akbar should send him to prison, or let him go. Akbar allows him to go. He becomes aware of the traitor.

Moti informs Jodha that Akbar has become aware of the truth. Akbar comes to Jodha and apologizes with teary eyes. Jodha forgives him at once. After this disastrous misunderstanding, they become even closer than before. They hug each other and kiss away their misunderstandings and tears.

Jalal Fights Sujhamal

Jalal fights Sujhamal with all his might.

Jalal Decideds To Kill Him

Jalal decides to kill him with his bare hands.

Attack On Jalal

Sharufuddin tries to kill Jalal and shoots an arrow. Sujhamal takes the arrow and saves Jalal by pushing him aside.

Jalal Asks Why He Saved Him

Jalal asks him why he saved him risking his life..

Who He Is

Jalal comes to know who he actually is. He realises it is Jodha's brother Sujhamal.

Jalal Shocked

Jalal would be shocked to know that it was Jodha's brother and she was just meeting her brother.

Sujhamal Recovers

Sujhamal recovers and gains consciousness.

Jalal Questions

Jalal questions Sujhamal for an explanation as to what exactly he was doing in his palace disguised as Dilawar Khan.

The Reason

Sujhamal explains that it was to find out who it was who was inside his palace and trying to kill his sister's husband.

Jalal's Last Question

Jalal asks why Jodha did not tell him who he was in the first place?

The Truth

Sujhamal says it was because he had asked her to promise she wouldn't disclose his identity to him.

Jalal Rushes To See Jodha

Jalal would rush to see Jodha and ask for an apology.


Jodha would be in the palace waiting for Jalal to reach her.

Jalal Apologises

Jalal would apologise for his behaviour towards her.

Jalal Kneels

Jalal even kneels in front of Jodha to show how dejected he was for his behaviour towards her.

Jodha Brushes Away His Tears

Jodha would brush away his tears and consoles him.

Jodha Not Leaving

Jodha would say that she wouldn't have left him just because he asked her to leave.

Jalal's Love For Jodha

Jalal would have declared his love for her previously.

All Misunderstandings

Jalal now knows Jodha's behaviour was not what he had dreaded.

Kiss Away Tears

Jodha and Jalal kiss away their tears and misunderstandings.

Jalal's Wound

Jodha would kiss the wound that was caused when he hurt himself.

Jodha And Jalal Together

Jodha and Jalal now know that they love each other and have nothing between them anymore.

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