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      Jodha Akbar: 8th May; Akbar Abolishes Pilgrimage Tax


      Jodha Akbar 8th May written episode: Akbar goes to the market in disguise, being accompanied by Todarmal and Atgah. They check the shops and find an unnatural hike in grocery prices. A shopkeeper says that they have to give money to the officers of the Empire and so there is an inflation.

      Akbar notices that some officers are charging extra pilgrimage taxes from the Hindus. When they try to protest, the officers want to whip them. Akbar stops them and argues. They ignore him as he is in guise.

      Akbar comes to Jodha's room and sits alone. He remembers his discussion with Jodha, regarding the pilgrimage tax. Jodha asked him how it would feel if he was charged before visiting the Darga and his dedication for God was disrupted.

      Akbar calls the Hindu pilgrims, the officers and the shopkeepers in his court. The pilgrims express their grudge against the tax systems. Akbar promises them that the system will be demolished soon. He punishes the corrupt officers and the greedy shop-owners.

      Atgah and Munim Khan argue that the pilgrimage tax is an age old system. Akbar crosses this argument saying that a system cannot be justified only because it is running for a long time. He adds that if the Hindus are to pay the tax then Muslims should pay pilgrimage tax too.

      An officer argues that the income of the state will be affected by the demolition of the tax. Akbar wants Todarmal's analysis in this matter. Todarmal says that there is no doubt that the income will be affected initially. But it can be compensated from other segments. And in the long run it will benefit the public.

      The Maulavis oppose demolition of pilgrimage tax and recruitment of Hindus in the Mughal offices. Akbar reprimands them and says that he needs people who are loyal, experienced and expert. He cannot discriminate people on the basis of caste or religion. Finally Akbar declares that being an Emperor, he is the father of the nation and all are equal in his eyes. So, he finalizes the end of pilgrimage tax.

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