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Jodha Akbar: 9th April; Jodha Leaves Home Feeling Betrayed By Jalal

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Jodha Akbar 9th April written episode: Till now Akbar was dreaming that Jodha has forgiven him and they have reunited. But in reality, some grim truth is waiting for him. Coming to Jodha’s chamber he finds that Jodha has left the palace with her Kanha. Moti Bai reads out Jodha’s letter to Akbar.

Jodha writes that Akbar has insulted the relationship of love, having doubt over Jodha. He has failed to fulfill her expectation, that her husband will be able to understand the language of her eyes, not of her tongue. She insists that Akbar should never search for her.

Rukaiya becomes upset to know that the Rajbanshi was Jodha’s brother, not her lover. She cannot accept the fact that Jodha was innocent and the charge of adultery was baseless. Maha Manga tells her that the target was important, not the way of achieving it. She is content about the fact that finally she has been able to send Jodha out of the Palace and out of Jalal’s life. Rukaiya is afraid that when Jalal will know the truth, he will be more desperate to get Jodha back and their bonding will become stronger.

Sharifuddin is happy to know that Jodha has become far away from Akbar. Jodha comes to a well and requests a woman for water. Two men criticize Akbar saying that he is not caring for the common people. Jodha bursts on them and defends Akbar. They cannot understand why she is doing so. Jodha herself becomes surprised to see that she is speaking in favour of Akbar, even after her insult.

Jalal's Dream

Jalal would dream that Jodha would have forgiven him and has accepted his apology.

Jalal Realises Jodha's Absence

Jalal would realise that Jodha has actually left him and Agra alone.

Jodha's Letter To Jalal

Jodha's letter to Jalal would be read by Moti.

Jalal Listens

Jalal would listen to Jodha's feeling of betrayal and broken heart.

Jodha Leaves With Her Khana

Jodha would have left alone with her Khana and nothing else and would have left just the letter for him.

Marrigae Without Trust

Jodha would explain to Jalal that she had no relationship before marriage and if at all she had loved someone she would have killed herself rather than marrying another.

Jodha's Love For Jalal

Jodha says though she did not marry him out of love, she did eventually fall in love with him, after all.

First Promise

Jodha reminds Jalal that his first promise to her was to protect her and her honour. And now he has broken his promise himself.

Jalal Broken

At the end of the letter Jodha asks Jalal to not to search for her, since even if he does find his wife, he would not get his Jodha back.

Jodha Leaves Alone

Jodha would leave and walk away alone.

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