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Jodha Akbar Fans Bored With Benazir, Want Romance Back On Show

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The fans of historical drama show Jodha Akbar seem to have got bored with Benazir and want some romance on the show between Jalal and Jodha. The popular show has remained the most watched show on Zee TV for quite some time now. But the fans of the show seem to have a small complaint about the show. They seem to feel the show is lacking romance between Jodha and Jalal.

The show in recent times has been dealing with a lot many serious issues like Adham Khan, Imtiaz Khan, Benazir, Shariffudin, Maha Manga, divorce with Rukhaiya and so one. Resulting in the fans getting disappointed that the show is moving away from the romance between Jalal and Jodha.

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There have been many reasons arising that have been keeping the couple apart. The drift that has been formed between Jalal and Jodha is a result of Maha Manga's trick in misreading Jodha's letter to Jalal. Which resulted in him turning cold towards his beloved wife. And with Maha Manga's gift to Jalal, Benazir, the drift is increasing with each day.

Though there is no way of Jodha proving what she wrote in her letter originally, since Jalal tore it to pieces, there must be some way how she can prove her honesty. And now with the Benazir issue becoming serious since she is desperately trying to kill Jalal, Jodha might figure out a way to save her husband as well as prove herself right.

Hoping this issue will get her and Jalal closer to each other and along with it prove Maha Manga as the treacherous one.

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