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Jodha Akbar: Jalal, Jodha To Finally Make Love; Rukhaiya Really Pregnant?

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Jodha Akbar's latest twists shows that Rukhaiya announces that she is pregnant. Though she does this to spoil Jodha and Jalal's anniversary celebrations, the couple do get together at last.

Jodha (Paridhi Sharma) and Akbad (Rajat Tokas) complete their first year of marriage and would be in the middle of their celebrations when Rukhaiya Begum, in an attempt to ruin Jodha's day, announces that she is pregnanat at last.

This would get Jalal leave the celebrations and Jodha and run to be at Rukhaiya's side. Jodha, who would be very hurt at this, returns to her room, teary eyed. The latest preview shows that Jalal would return to Jodha to appologise and win her over. They would then at last make love.

Jodha Akbar has been a huge success due to the story of the main lead characters, Jodha and Jalal, and their love story and their struggle to find each other. The show has had top rating as the couple who initially hated each other fall in love at last.

The upcoming episode will also have Jodha and Jalal expressing their feelings to each other which they have not been able to due to various reasons.

Also, the story is said to get more intereting with Jodha getting pregnanat. Rukhaiya's supposid pregnancy too will take major twists and turns in the coming episodes.

Jodha Akbar Together At Last

Jodha and Jalal who have been separated repeatedly due to various reasons would get together at last.

Jodha Confesses Love

The upcoming episode will have Jodha confessing her love to Jalal.

Jodha Would Be Upset

Jodha would be upset when Jalal would have left the anniversary celebrations in the middle. But Jalal would convince her and make her understand that he had to go to Rukhaiya at the time.

Jalal And Jodha Make Love

Jodha and Jalal would at last make love.

Previously On The Show

Previously on the show, Jodha and Jalal's anniversary celebrations will get disturbed when Rukhaiya announces that she is pregnant.

Jodha And Jalal's Anniversary

Jodha and Jalal would be in the middle of their anniversary celebrations.

Jalal Gets The News

Jalal gets the news that Rukhaiya Begum is pregnant. He would leave to be at her side immediately.

Rukhaiya Happy

Rukhaiya would be happy that she has successfully disturbed Jodha and Jalal's celebrations.

Jalal Ecstatic

Jalal would be ecstatic hearing the news about Rukhaiya's pregnancy.

Jodha Upset

Jodha would witness that Jalal has left her to be with Rukhaiya and she would get very upset.

Jalal Comes Back To Jodha

Though Jalal leaves Jodha for a while, he would return to her in the end.

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