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Jodha Akbar: Jalal To Think He Has Caught Jodha Red Handed!

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Jodha Akbar's latest promo shows that Jalal would fins Jodha secretly meeting a man, although it just happens to be her brother Sujamal, Jalal would doubt her character none the less.

The story of Zee TV's popularly loved show Jodha Akbar has reached a critical juntion in the story line where the Akbar actually blames Jodha of trechery and cheat. Following which he would send her away to her parent's.

The Bollywood film, Jodhaa Akbar too had the same scenario depicting the lead charaters facing the issue. The same is going to happen on the TV show as well.

Jodha's brother Sujhamal, who is accused to be plotting to kill Akbar, would be absconding. He would try to assure his beloved sister about his innocense, secretly. This is where the story reaches a critical point.

When Sujhamal would send word for Jodha to meet him without anybody's notice, Maha Manga recieves the message before Jodha. Maha Manga would plot the scene so Akbar would catch Jodha meeting Sujhamal.

Acording to the promo, the incident takes place as per Maha Manga's plan without a hitch. Jalal finds Jodha meeting a man in secret, though it is yet to be known whether Jalal would know it is her brother or it is just a stranger she is meeting.

Let's wait and watch how the story unfoldes.

Jalal Finds Jodha

Jalal would find Jodha meeting someone in secret.

Maha Manga's Plan

Maha Manga plans the entire scenario to take place so Jalal would catch Jodha red handed meeting Sujhamal.

Sujhamal Or Not...

Where Jalal would know it is Sujhamal that Jodha is meeting or someone else is yet to be known.

Jalal Confronts Jodha

Jalal would confront Jodha on her treachery.

First Shocked

Jodha would first be shocked listening to Jalal's blame on her.

Jalal Accuses Jodha

Jalal accuses Jodha of cheating. He would blame her to have met an unknown man behind his back.


Jodha realising the actual blame on her would be heartbroken.

Just When They Were In Love

Just when the duo were about to confess their love to each other, the show takes a sharp turn in events.

Jalal To Send Jodha Away

Jalal would then send Jodha away to her parents.

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