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      Jodha Akbar: Salim Becomes Distant From His Parents


      Jodha Akbar November 24th episode: Jodha comes back from the temple. She learns that Kader has recovered and Salim is coming back. She becomes busy in the preparation of his welcome. She decorates the room with Salim’s favourite rangoli and cooks his favourite dishes.

      Rukaiya’s conspiracy is successful. Salim starts misunderstanding his parents when he comes back. He avoids talking normally with Jodha and Akbar. He refuses the food cooked by Jodha. Rukaiya’s words linger in his ears.

      Little Salim asks Rahim whether Akbar did right by punishing him. Rahim tells him that Akbar did not want to punish him but wanted to give him a lesson. Rahim takes him for sword rehearsal with the other princes.

      Akbar comes to the rehearsal and says that he himself will rehearse with Salim. He notices that Salim is upset with him. He asks Salim why he is angry and upset. Salim complains that he has done wrong by punishing him. He replies that Salim will understand it when he will grow up. Salim refuses to accept it and says that he will never give such punishments to people when he will become the emperor.

      Akbar tells Jodha that Salim is upset with the matter of punishment. Jodha says that she too is surprised seeing that Salim has took the matter so seriously and he has started thinking that his parents do not love him. They become tensed about the matter.

      Hamida comes and proposes a feast on the occasion of Salim’s return. Jodha and Akbar happily agree. They think it would be a good opportunity to make Salim happy.

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