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Jodha Akbar: 13th February, Jodha And Jalal's Adventure Continues...

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Jodha Akbar 13th February written episode: When Akbar and Jodha are spending the night under a tree, a person comes on horseback. He tells them that the place is not safe as dacoits often attack people there. He invites them to his house. The warm welcome of the person and his wife enchants Jodha and Akbar. They come to know that the person’s name is Todarmal. They also find that he has a generous heart. He uses a share of his earnings to serve the poor.

Akbar and Jodha take false names when Todarmal wants to know their identity. Seeing a painting on the wall, Akbar frowns and asks Todarmal about it. He comes to know that it is the painting of Sher Shah Suri, who was the boss of Todarmal. Akbar becomes upset when he remembers that it was for Sher Shah, his father Humayun lost his kingdom.

Jodha Akbar

Dacoits attack the village and Todarmal goes to fight against them. When Todarmal almost loses the battle and is about to sacrifice his life, Akbar enters the field and protects him. Coming back home, Todarmal tells his wife that the manner of fighting indicates that the guest is not a common man, he must be some great Mughal warrior.

Jodha asks Akbar the reason of his being upset. When Akbar narrates the actual story to Jodha ,Todarmal eavesdrops the conversation and comes to know the true identity of his guest. In the morning he gives Akbar a Gold coin of Humayun. He explains that Humayun gave it to him to express his thanks as some of Humayun’s Begums got stuck in Sher Shah’s place and he took them back to Humayun with full honour.

Todarmal’s wife asks him why he did not reveal the fact to Akbar that he has identified him. Todarmal says that when Akbar has taken this guise, there must be some reason behind it. So, it is his duty to cooperate with the Emperor.

Jodha and Akbar visit’s the Pir’s hut. The religious man identifies them at once, even though they are in disguise. He says that Jodha will create a new history for the Mughal dynasty.

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