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Jodha Akbar: 28th February, Jodha Better Than Rukaiya Says Jalal!

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Jodha Akbar 28th February written episode: Akbar hears the statements of Mazhar, Aziza and Ruksana in the presence of all the ladies of the harem. Mazhar and Aziza express their love for each other and their desire to get each other. Ruksana claims that she has been brought up with the thought of Mazhar as she is his childhood friend.

Akbar wants to give importance to everyone’s emotion. He declares his verdict that the three will think over the matter for the next one month and then, Mazhar should marry whoever he wants. Now the queens of the harem complain against Rukaiya Begum saying that she seldom gives them the respect they deserve.

Jodha Akbar

They clearly declare that Jodha Begum is far more capable of managing the harem than Rukaiya Begum, as she has respect for humanity. Jodha declines to take this responsibility. Akbar says that he will solve this matter on the next day.

Hamida Begum discusses the matter with other ladies; she wants to know Salima’s opinion. Salima says that harem is not an Empire, it is the world of women. The issues of harem should be handled with emotions, not with power. In her consideration, Jodha has much better understanding of human emotions than Rukaiya.

A woman informs Rukaiya that Salima is favouring Jodha. Rukaiya comes to Salima’s chamber and erupts on her. Salima reminds her that she has forgot to respect her elders. Salima claims that being senior to Rukaiya, she has every right to criticize her mistakes. Salima has no fear in uttering that she favours Jodha. Salima advises Rukaiya to start thinking with her heart, which she has lost perhaps.

When all the ladies are much excited with the issue, Akbar enjoys this fight among women. He keeps teasing Jodha. He also visits Rukaiya’s chamber and tells her that she should never underestimate Jodha, as Jodha is a dexterous lady and can overpower her anytime. He enjoys the envy and anger in the faces of his Chief Queens.

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