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Jodha Akbar: 3rd February, Jodha Saves Jalal From Benazir!

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Jodha Akbar 3rd February written episode: Akbar is all set to marry Benazir. The ceremony starts and as per the rituals, Benazir sips shemui from a cup and gives the rest of it to Akbar. Jodha rushes to the place and takes away the cup from Benazir’s hand. She tells Akbar that she can never see Akbar dying by taking that poisonous sweet. She swallows it herself and faints in Akbar’s hands.

Now, as everyone understands the truth, Benazir quickly grabs Begum Rukaiya and takes her as hostage. She mocks Rukaiya and Maha Manga calling them fools, because they have always supported her, only to put down Jodha Begum.

Jodha Akbar

Adam Khan, who was eagerly waiting for Akbar’s death, now prays for Benazir’s death, in the fear that Benazir will reveal his intentions to Akbar. Benazir drags Rukaiya away and escapes taking her on horseback. Adgar Khan takes the responsibility to rescue Rukaiya and catch Benazir.

Akbar comes to the chamber where Jodha is laying unconscious. Hakim Saheba tells him that she could take out the poison if Jodha were conscious. She adds that it is tough to take Jodha back to life as it is the poison of the most venomous snakes. The next twenty four hours would be critical for Jodha, declares the lady doctor of Mughal palace.

Akbar understands that it is the conspiracy of Abul Mali. He orders to behead the culprit but it is reported that Abul Mali has escaped from the prison. Akbar bursts in anger and orders to give stringent punishment to everyone who is involved in this case.

Adgar Khan and his troop follow Benazir. Benazir gets down from horse with Rukaiya and takes her behind a bush. Rukaiya manages to grab a stone and hit Benazir with it. The soldiers reach the place and rescue her. Benazir is caught.

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