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Jodha Akbar: 4th February, Jalal Prays For Jodha But...

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Jodha Akbar 4th February written episode: Rukaiya orders the soldiers to push Benazir into the well. She also tells them to fill the well with mud and establish a stone, on which it will be engraved that ‘Benazir, who targeted Akbar’s life is lying in her last sleep here’. It is the same well that was poisoned by Benazir.

Akbar remembers that Zakira was not affected by Benazir’s poison when she drank the poisoned milk, so there must be some secret behind it. He brings Zaika from the prison and Zakira tells him about the anti-venom medicine, in the shape of pearls. Akbar first tastes the medicine on Zakira and then the doctor gives the medicine to Jodha. But Jodha is so much affected by the poison, there is no sign of recovery even after the application of medicine.

Jodha Akbar

Akbar is a little bit relieved to get Rukaiya back in fine condition. he is happy to know how Rukaiya has punished the venomous serpent-woman. Rukaiya is deeply moved seeing the condition of Jodha. Rukaiya, who has forever misunderstood or underestimated Jodha, now prays for her life from the core of her heart.

Akbar goes to the prayer hall. Hamida Begum instructs Adgar Khan not to leave Akbar alone as he is mentally devastated. In the prayer hall Akbar helplessly cries and prays for Jodha’s life. He feels deeply repentant for not paying heed to Jodha’s words. On the other hand, Hakim Saheba declares, after a lot of hesitation, that there is almost no chance of taking Jodha back to life and she must be promptly shifted to the Royal Hopital.

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