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Jodha Akbar: 6th February; Jodha Safe As Jalal Takes Care Of Her!

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Jodha Akbar 6th February written episode: Jodha opens her eyes finally. The doctor prescribes long time bed rest for her. Akbar calls the public. In front of the public and his family, Akbar takes off his crown, ornaments and the royal overcoat. He says that he wants to speak to the public as a common man, not as an Emperor. He thanks them from the core of his heart as they have prayed for Jodha’s life. He announces a party to celebrate Jodha’s recovery and adds that it will be celebrated outside the palace, among common people. The public wishes long life to Akbar and Jodha.

Moti informs Jodha how Akbar became worried for her health. Jodha comes to know how the Emperor kept praying for her life and sat beside her all the time. Salima Begum confirms Moti’s words. Rukaiya comes and thanks Jodha for saving Akbar’s life and she wants to return it back. When Jodha is feeling nice to hear that Akbar was worried for her, Rukaiya tells her that she is ready to give her everything, whatever she wants, except Jalal.

Akbar comes to Jodha’s chamber. Both Jodha and Akbar remember the moments when Akbar uttered that he would never come to this chamber. Akbar asks for Jodha’s permission to come inside. He enters the chamber taking his shoes off. He worships Lord Sri Krishna and gives the blessings of ‘arati’ to Jodha. He instructs Moti not to allow anyone inside, as he wants to spend some time with Jodha.

Jalal Takes Care Of Jodha

Jodha would make sure Jodha is safe under his supervision from the time she recovers from the poison.

Jalal Does Puja

Jalal would pray for lord Krishna in front of Jodha. He gives aarthi to her too.

Jodha Surprised

Jodha is surprised to see Jalal being so caring and attentive to her.

Jalal Spends Time With Jodha

Jalal would spend a lot of time with Jodha. They would spend time sitting out together.

Jalal Prayed For Jodha

When Jodha's life was in danger, Jalal would would pray to his and Jodha's god to save her life.

Jalal Brings Her Back

When Jalal expresses his love to Jodha, she would get back signs of life.

Jodha's Treatment

Jodha would be given heat treatment to get all the poison out of her body.

Jalal Was Shattered

Jalal was seen shattered to see Jodh's life in danger as she was struggling for life.

Rukhaiya Too

Rukhaiya too was very upset when she realised her mistakes regarding Jodha.

Jalal Missed Jodha

When Jodha was unconscious, Jalal was thinking about the happy times with her.

Jalal Said He Cant Live Without Her

When Jodha showed no signs of improvement, Jalal expressed his love to her saying he cannot live without her.

Jodha Drank Poison

Jodha, as we know drank the poison, saving Jalal but putting her life in danger.

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