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      Kapil Sharma Embarrassed When Cornered By Ajaz Khan About His Comedy Nights' Gig

      By Girija Narayan

      Kapil Sharma the celebrity stand-up comedian everyone is after got into some inescapably embarrassing situation when the Big Boss 7 contestant cornered him and questioned him about being unfair to him by not airing his Comedy Nights With Kapil episode.

      Soon after his stint in the Colors' controversial reality show Bigg Boss 7, Ajaz was invited to grace the comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil. What has come to mortify Kapil now is that he was cornered by Ajaz with the press to question why he has kept ignoring his calls. He persisted on asking him how can he cheat him this way when he had invited him on the show as the guest celebrity. At the incident Kapil persisted that the episode was a gag real that they incorporate into the show when they have gaps to fill or so.

      Ajaz was invited for a gig in the comedy show Comedy Nights With Kapil. Everything went well but what Kapil did not expect was for Ajaz to pester him to air the episode. Soon after, the episode when Kamaal R Khan targeted Kapil for getting some attention for himself by giving out statements that he was called in as a celebrity guest on the show but they are holding up the episode by not airing it even after months of recording.

      Kapil choose to remain silent regarding this issue and the creative director of the show, Preeti Simoes gave out a statement saying,"After Kamaal R Khan did so recently, more people are using Kapil's name for publicity. He (Ajaz) has been calling me to ask when the episode will appear, and I have told him that we will inform him when it airs."

      Simoes had also refuted Ajaz's claim of being a celebrity guest. "He is an actor who was paid to play a character in a skit. We shoot gags in advance and then shoot the celebrity integration for each episode. Depending on the celebrity, we use certain gags for an episode," she explains.

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