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Kapil Sharma Rescued A 2 Year Old Girl, Separated From Parents, During Surat Concert!

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Kapil Sharma becomes a knight in shinning armor for a 2 year old girl, who got lost after getting separated from her parents at his Surat concert recently. The Comedy Nights With Kapil host took the girl's father to task on stage for being irresponsible.

The crowd was to be blamed at the concert on Saturday night. Kapil found the little girl crying, and her crying melted his heart. He explained the incident saying, "She was so young and vulnerable. She couldn't speak. She was just crying. My heart reached out to her. Watching children cry is the most heartbreaking experience of my life.The little girl reminded me of my own niece. My heart melted."

Kapil Sharma then took the girl on stage and called for her parents. When the father leapt up on stage, Kapil says he took him to task in public. He gave him a mouthful for being irresponsible.

The Comedy Nights With Kapil's host and producer says the Surat concert was a eye-opening experiance. When the concert was organised for 5,000 people, the crowed increased to 25,000. "They told me there would be around 5,000 people. There were 25,000 people. There were people from all over Gujarat. When people heard of my show in Surat they arrived from all over Gujarat in bus loads. Log dur-dur se aaye mujhe dekhne. I was overwhelmed," the most famous comedian in India said.

Kapil's Surat Concert

Kapil's concert was organised for 5,000 people but 25,000 people turned up.

Lost Girl

Kapil when found the little girl crying, he took the father to task on stage.

Comedy Nights With Kapil Fans

Comedy Nights With Kapil is such a huge hit that people have become die hard fans of Kapil Sharma.

Kapil Overwhelmed

When Kapil came to know that people from Gujarat and other places came to the concert in packed buses, Kapil was overwhelmed.

Kapil's Fans

Kapil Sharma has today become an icon for millions. Here are some of his fans with the ticket to the concert.

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