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Khatron Ke Khiladi 5: Double Eliminations, Gauhar Khan And Geeta Tandon Eliminated!

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Khatron Ke Khilaid 5 shocked viewers with the double eliminations this week. Beauty girl, Gauhar Khan and stunt woman, Geeta Tandon were eliminated from the show ending their journey together.

Fear Factor - Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 completed yet another weekend with yet another set of nervewrecking stunts. Some rocked their stunts while some broke down. The week ended with a bang with Rohit Shetty, the host of the show, announcing that there will be a double elimination.

Gauhar Khan, the future predicting "Baba" of the show, gave her best at the final stunts but in the end failed to survive to see another week. Gauhar entered the elimination round when she failed at the ostrich round. She then went on to fail at the stunt that involved both her fears - water and height, thus ending her Khatron Ke Khiladi journey.

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Geeta, a stunt women, was one of the toughest contendor among the women on the show. Many even felt it was unfare to have a stunt women to compete with since she would have an edge at attempting any stunt. But looks like the celebrity actresses are not as bad as they thought.

Khatron Ke Khialdi 5 thus ended with a shocker to the fans of the show as well as the fans of Gauhar. Gauhar entered the show with her boyfriend and co-contestant from Bigg Boss 7, Kushal Tandon. Kushal had to exit from the show a couple of weeks back due to a shoulder injury, which needed him to not try any more stunts. Gauhar, too, now joins her boyfriend by getting eliminated from the show.

Gauhar Khan And Geeta Tandon Eliminated

Khatron Ke Khiladi 5's double eliminations had Gauhar kHna and Geeta Tandon getting eliminated.

Gauhar Failed At The Ostrich Stunt

Gauhar Khan failed at the Ostrich stunt which sent her to the elimination round.

Gauhar Khan Scared

Next stunt gave a chance to the contestants to save themselves from elimination round. The task was to cross a bridge mid-air with the help of two glass planks and also pull out 8 flags on the way. Gauhar, who is terrified of heights backed off right away.

Gauhar Decided To Try

Gauhar after some persuasion from her friends, decided to give the stunt a try.

The Stunt

The contestants were put in a glass box with glow sticks stuck on one side and a shower of ice cubes falling from top. Their job was to separate the glow sticks according to the respective colors and were given 8minutes to complete this stunt.

Gauhar Feared For Her Life

Ajaz separated all the 90 glow sticks while Geeta managed to do 70 sticks. But it was just not Gauahar's day! While she managed to separate 63 sticks, in between she gave up the task as she feared for her life. Her hands went numb and she was immediately taken for medical treatment. It was a frightful sight, especially for all Gauahar fans!

Gauhar And Geeta Go Home

But now that the game has crossed mid-way, Rohit threw in the googly and by double elimination both Gauahar and Geeta bid farewell to the show and their friends.

Deana Rocked

Geeta and Ajaz managed to pull 1 flag each but Deana was the star of this round! By her funny antics and an attempt to keep her motivated by singing and laughing she won the round by pulling out two flags. Woohoo girl!

Geeta, Ranvir And Nikitin's Stunt

Geeta Tandon competed with Ranvir and Nikitin in a stunt that sent her into eliminations.

Ranvir Shined At The Stunt

Ranvir once again proved that he is here to stay. While Ranvir successfully completed the task and released twenty flags, Nikitin gave up on seven flag and Geeta could only manage to lay off ten of them.

Geeta Into Elimination

When Geeta missed an important rule of the stunt to not remove more than one flag at a time. Geeta entered elimination round.

Karanvir's Day

It was definitely Karanvir's day. The stunt in which the contestants had to jump the swing onto the ledges collecting and depositing flags.

Gurmeet Over Confident

Rohit Shetty claimed that Gurmeet's over confidence was what put him in a tough spot.

Gauhar Khan - The Baba

Gauhar Baba has now been eliminated from the show.

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