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Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 Shocker: Torture Day For The Contestants!

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Week 8 of Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 -Darr Ka Blockbuster saw a whole new level of action with host Rohit Shetty playing sadist. The two episodes this weekend were named 'Torture Days' owing to the nature of the stunts featured in them. Various forms of torture were administered to the participants, leaving them wincing, writhing and screaming out of extreme pain and suffering.

The first stunt of Saturday's episode, 'Pani Pila Pila Ke, involved contestants chained to a mighty looking guillotine, with a continuous and forceful stream of water hitting their head and face. The Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 contestants were required to unchain themselves by opening the lock using their mouth.

Saturday's second stunt was the most torture-inducing one among all the stunts of the week. Contestants were literally reduced to trembles as they were electrocuted while struggling to open a series of locks, and finally shot with a laser gun ejecting an electric hook straight into their backs, giving them seizures. Gurmeet Choudhary, who went first in the stunt, fell on his back, piercing the hook into his flesh and giving him serious injuries.

The third stunt on Saturday's episode of KKK 5 had the unlucky ones buried in dark underground gas coffins, sending them into suffocation. The claustrophobic ones clearly did not appreciate this.

The only lucky contestant this weekend on Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 was Salman Khan, who spent the week sightseeing and bike riding across Cape Town as a result of obtaining the Idea Lifejacket, promoting him directly to the semifinale.

Rohit Shetty As Host

It is hard to say whether Rohit Shetty's role as the host of Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 is a curse or not. While the Golmaal series and Chennai express Director normally likes hardcore action, his obsession is taken to new heights on the show, where he is seen playing more of a sadist than a host.

Pani Pila Pila Ke- The Mighty Guillotine

Contestants were tortured using water-the elixir of life, as a means of causing discomfort. Participants were chained to a guillotine and had to unlock their hands while battling against the force of the water.

Ranvir Shorey - The Unlucky One

Ranvir's hard luck led him to perform the stunt the first in line, proving quite disadvantageous for him.

The Shock Treatment- An Unpleasant Surprise

Gurmeet Choudhary was the first to participate in this stunt, and thus, was all the more unprepared for the intensity of the shocks. Gurmeet struggled through the task and even injured himself badly at the end of it.

The Helpless Onlookers

The fellow contestants were left to helplessly witness their buddies suffering in pain. The experience was especially agonizing for the wives, with Debina breaking down on seeing hubby Gurmeet's plight. Teejay Sidhu, Karanvir Bohra's wife, shared her emotions.

The Laser Gun

The innocent looking laser gun was the most deceiving and cruel of all the pain-inducers, reducing its victims to a helpless state of seizures. Deana Uppal also suffered injuries on her back from the sharp electric hook.

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The Gas Coffin - The Dark Underworld

In stunt 3, contestants were locked in a dark gas-filled coffin, suffocating and blinding them. Gauhar Khan, who returned to the show on the same episode, initially refused to perform the task due to claustrophobia. It took some serious encouraging on Rohit Shetty and the others' part to finally convince Gauhar.

The Gas Coffin - The Hangover

All 3 celebs who undertook the task felt grave aftermath of the bitter gas, ranging from suffocation to puking. Even the hunky Rajneesh could not escape from the evil effects of the gas.

Crazy Frog(s)

Day 2 saw particiaption in pairs, with one partner lying amidst 600 frogs in a glass cabin until the other frees him, getting 'clawed' by crabs in the bargain.

The Chopper

The final elimination task literally dragged its victims to hell by means of a chopper plane. The victims, Deana Uppal and Rajneesh Duggal desperately held onto the handle, waiting for the ordeal to end.

The Chosen One

Choreographer Salman Khan won the Idea Lifejacket in the previous week, as an award for his consistent accomplishments on Khatron Ke Khiladi 5. The lifejacket was truly a lifesaver, as he got the privilege of taking the week off from either experiencing or witnessing the tortures.

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