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Rajneesh Duggal's Glorious Journey To Victory In Khatron Ke Khiladi 5!

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Yesterday's Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 Grand Finale finally put a rest to all the buzz about the winner of the Fear Factor-inspired stunt based reality show. Rajneesh Duggal claimed the coveted title of the 'Khatron Ke Khiladi' and bagged the trophy along with a whopping sum of 25 lakh and a Mahindra Scorpio by beating fellow finalists Gurmeet Choudhry and the mighty Thangabali of Chennai Express, Nikitin Dheer.

While many may argue that luck is an important factor in any game or reality show, Khatron Ke Khiladi definitely requires more skill than the luck factor. Rajneesh, by winning KKK 5, has definitely proved that he's got what it takes to survive the toughest of circumstances.

Rajneesh was the first to get into the finale, after the stunt invovling the two simultaneously moving trucks in the pre-finale episode. Though Rajneesh showed some hesitation initially, due to Salman's warning him that one could easily dislocate one's shoulder, Rajneesh got into full form once he started the task and picked out 11 flags.

Once it was decided that Nikitin Dheer and Gurmeet Choudhry were to accompany Rajneesh in the finals of Khatron Ke Khiladi 5, it was perceived by the viewers as a tough competition to touted winner Rajneesh Duggal, but Rajneesh, who went first in the first grand finale stunt, performed the lengthy task in an awesome time of 5:36 minutes.

The last stunt of the grand finale, 'Aakhri Udaan' (Last Flight) was, as the finalists described it to host Rohit Shetty, a compilation of the most challenging stunts on KKK 5. The stunt involved climbing onto a net suspended from a helicopter and igniting a blast using a flair. Rajneesh showed incredible stamina in the stunt and proved his worth by ultimately emerging the winner of KKK 5!

The final episode of the Darr Ka Blockbuster in pictures..

The Ultimate Khiladi

Rajneesh truly deserved the title Khatron Ka Khiladi Season 5.

Rajneesh Danced With Sreesanth

Rajneesh Duggal and Sreesanth- JDJ 7 participant, rocked the floor with their dance at the grand finale.

Rajneesh's Aakhri Udaan

Rajneesh pulled off the stunt with great skill, when he set the blast off on the very first attempt, unlike Gurmeet and Nikitin.

Rajneesh's Test Of Fire

Rajneesh was the first to perform this stunt and finished at second highest position in an amazing time span of 5:36 minutes.

Gurmeet's Second Chance

Gurmeet received a second chance to perfom the truck stunt due to technical hiccups.

Gurmeet In Aakhri Udaan

Gurmeet too, performed the last stunt with great speed.

Nikitin's Goof-up

Nikitin started with good speed, but missed the boat with the first flair, losing time.

Nikitin In Soup

Nikitin Dheer failed to impress with this stunt.

Daredevil Gurmeet

Gurmeet finished the stunt in the least time of 4:30 minutes.

Debina Out Of Luck

Debina injured herself within a few seconds into the stunt, which slowed her pace drastically.

'Oh My God' Khan!

Gauhar was renamed 'OMG Khan' by Karanvir, who also gave her the 'I Khan't Do It' award for refusing to perform stunts the maximum number of times.

Fun With Singham 2

Karanvir tried to attempt Ajay's unimitable balancing act from Phool aur Kaante.

Sallu Eliminated

Salman was first to attempt the truck stunt, and thus, plucked only 9 flags.

Ajay Devgan Announces Winner

Rajneesh Duggal performed consistently through the competition and won the show.

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