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Koffee With Karan: Anil's Warning For Ranbir Kapoor; Sonam Says Deepika Lacks Own Style!

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Koffee With Karan season 4's latest episode had the father-daughter duo, Anil and Sonam Kapoor on couch facing the rapid fire from Karan Johar, the host of the show. The gist of the entire episode comes down to two things. Sonam Kapoor, the fashion icon, has an opinion about everything under the Sun. And Anil Kapoor is petrified by his wife, Sunita Kapoor. Also, was there a subtle warning for Ranbir Kapoor?

Before reading what made this episode extremely entertaining, here are the rapid fire rounds of both the Kapoors...

Anil Kapoor's Rapid Fire Round:

One person who should never think of dating Sonam.
Ranbir Kapoor.

And actress you wish you were linked to in your younger days.

If you were unmarried, who is the one actress you would like to take out on a date?
I'm scared. I can't even dream, because if I dream, she (Sunita) will come to know.

True or false:
No actress has hit on me after marriage: False.
Hollywood is more fun than Bollywood: False.

The sexiest actress today.
Katrina Kaif.

If you woke up as the following people what is the first thing you would do?
Salman Khan: It's not possible, no one can wake up being Salman Khan. He is unique, he is special. Only Salman can be Salman.
Shahrukh Khan: I want to be Salman Khan.

Advise to the following people:
Ranbir Kapoor: I think he should get married now, settle down.
Arjun Kapoor: I don't think he needs advice, he is sensible and intelligent and is taking the right steps.

An idea that changed your life.
Meeting Sunita changed my life.

The most stunning actress.
Katrina Kaif.

Sonam Kapoor's Rapid Fire Round:

What is the one thing the following people have that you don't:
Katrina: A 200 crore film.
Deepika: An over enthusiastic PR team.

If you were playing truth or dare with the following team, what would you dare then to do?
Ranbir Kapoor: He need to make a serious commitment and get married.
Farhan Akhtar: Never wear a shirt.
Good girl gone bad: Deepika.
Mama's Boy: Ranbir.

Why do men find Sonam sexy?
Because I have got a smart mouth.

An idea that changed my life?
The idea to do Raajhanaa.

Who in the Indian film freternity is most likely to get caught red-handed?
Ranveer. He is a worst liar. He can't lie to save his life.

Fashion advice to the following people:
Parineeti Chopra: Don't wear those tight clothes man.
Alia Bhatt: Dress her age.
Vidya Balan: Dress as herself. Be comfortable in what she wears.
Deepika: Create your own style. She wears what people ask her to. She doesn't haver her own style.

Hot or not:
Virat Kohli: Hot.
Armaan Kohli: Not.
Ranbir Kapoor: Very Hot
Imraan Khan: Extremely hot.
Sushant Singh Rajput: Hah? Hot.
Siddharth Mallya: Not. Sorry, Hot. Sorry daddy.
Yo Yo Honey Singh: Not.
Sonu Nigam: Hot (Don't judge me guys).

Parineeti or Alia, the brighter future?

Who got a better fashion sense, Deepika, Kareena, Katrina?

Sonam Kapoor wins the Koffee hamper and the Koffee quiz.

Follow the photo slider to read all the entertaining conversations Sonam and Anil had with Karan during the episode....

Sonam Calls Herself An Icon

Sonam said, "I'm being considered an icon in my twenties, I mean when people like in their forties or after they die are considered icons, I think its amazing."
Karan said, "She just called herself an icon."

Sonam About TV

Sonam said, "TV is an untapped world. There are only rubbish reality shows that are doing well."

Karan Is My Friend

Sonam said, "It's OK Karan will always cast me, I'm his friend. And I'm talented"

Anil's Exercise

Sonam revealed, "Anil does voice exercise first thing in the morning."

Karan Has Kitty Parties

Karan does Kitty parties at Anil's house with Sunita. For which Sonam gives guest appearances.

Anil At Karan's Feet

Anil was on high spirits during the show, he even went on his knees to touch Karan's feet...

Katrina Kaif

Sonam was all praises for Katrina, she said, "Katrina is herself. She does not try to fit into a mold. Which I respect. She is not trying to be the fashion icon. Even if she wears a jeans and t-shirt with a pony tail, i'd rather have that rather than someone trying to be on vogue on every three months."

Sonam's Oops Moment

Karan: Who said, "An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind"?

Sonam: Robert De Niro? Karan: What?! Mahatma Gandhi said that! How can you say Robert De Niro said this?

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor said Anil used to eat out of his plate while he would be busy have a conversation with him.

Protective Brother

Sonam said Arjun used to accompany him on her dates with boys when they were teenagers.

Anil And Sonam Kapoor

Father and daughter duo, were all praises of each other and they made it clear that they were all terrified of Anil's wife, Sunita.

Sonam Won

Sonam won both the rapid fire round as well as the Koffee quiz.

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