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      Kumkum Bhagya: Sarala Informed About Divorce


      Kumkum Bhagya December 3rd episode: Dasi scolds Abhi for taking the decision of divorce without Dadi’s permission. Abhi says that Pragya has brought an insult upon the family and he cannot stay with her anymore. He is determined for the divorce, declares Abhi.

      Purab and Bulbul come to the house. Bulbul comes to know that Pragya herself has taken the decision of divorce. She talks with Pragya and understands that Pragya has taken the decision to keep Abhi safe from all scandals.

      Sarala is tensed thinking about Bulbul. She takes Purvi’s phone and messages Bulbul. Bulbul thinks it is Purvi and writes that she is in Abhi’s house. Sarala comes to the house. Aaliya and others tell her the matter of divorce. She sees lawyers coming to the house.

      Sarala wishes to talk with Abhi privately. Abhi requests her not to cry or make any request for reconsideration. He has made his mind, says Abhi. Sarala replies that she will do no such thing.

      Sarala says when Abhi’s Dadi brought the proposal of marriage to her family, Pragya refused it at once. She argued that the two families have no similarity in culture. Sarala convinced her saying that marriage is a holy bonding that ties two families and their cultures mingle with time. But she was wrong, thinks Sarala.

      Sarala also reminds Abhi that his Dadi chose Pragya as his wife and she always had trust upon Pragya. Abhi refuses to listen anymore. He sticks to his point that Pragya is characterless and he cannot stay with her. Sarala is shocked!

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