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Madhubala: 8th March, Abhay Gifts Madhu A Brand New House!

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Madhu tries to call Sunny but fails to connect him due to weak signal. An upset and confused Madhu receives the call of Abhay’s sister, instructing her to attend her duty promptly. Madhu hurries and falls when getting down from auto.

She ignores her injury and attends duty. She damages Abhay’s shirt once when taking a glass of medicine for Bebe in a hurry. Abhay notices that she is not being talkative like usual, rather she is a bit unmindful. He notices blood on his shirt.

Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Madhu again collides with Abhay and spoils his shirt for a second time. She apologizes to Abhay and requests not to sack her. She finds that Abhay has no intention like that, rather he nurses her wound. Leela calls in Madhu’s mobile. Abhay puts the phone in loudspeaker mode as Madhu’s hand is engaged. Leela blames Madhu for losing her house; she calls her a prostitute and insists that she should sell her kidney or other body parts, to arrange money for a new residence.

Abhay tells Madhu that she should stop allowing people to shout at her. Madhu regains her courage and revisits Leela’s place. She warns Leela not to malign her character. Leela becomes more stubborn. Her husband arrives and slaps her.

Leela decides to leave her husband. Sunny denies accompanying her. Sweety and Leela leave the house. When Madhu is thinking over the arrangement of a shelter, Abhay sends a man with the papers of a rented house in Madhu’s name. Abhay calls Madhu and instructs to sign the papers quickly. He claims that he is doing this, so that Madhu can concentrate on her work only.

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