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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 1st April; Abhay Makes Madhu Meet Her Husband

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 1st April written episode: Abhay gives money to Leela and warns her not to open her mouth anywhere. Leela promises to keep his trust. Abhay tells his family members that Madhu and her husband will stay with them. Everyone opposes to his decision, but Abhay insists that they will watch her pain everyday. Bebe opposes to his idea of punishing an innocent girl, for his enmity with her father.

Madhu wants to leave Abhay’s house and deny the marriage. Abhay calls Bittu and talks with Dida. He blackmails Madhu saying that Dida’s health will deteriorate if she comes to know about the truth. Madhu says that beside cheating her, Abhay has also ditched the boy, who has been tricked into marrying her. She thinks that they together can fight against Abhay.

Madhu searches for her husband and finds that he is playing with a lot of toys. Abhay comes and shocks Madhu further. He tells her that the boy is Raju. His physical age is around twenty-five-thirty, while his mental age is only six years. He loves to play with toys. He has done the marriage thinking that it is a funny game.

Abhay forcefully pushes Madhu into the room and locks the door. Madhu helplessly sits on the bed. They boy pushes her out of the bed, claiming that the bed belongs to him only. A helpless Madhu goes to the washroom and cries. Raju watch her crying.

Abhay Declares

Abhay declares that Madhu will stay in their house with her husband.

Bebe Upset

Bebe, upset with Abhay's behavior, says she does not understand why Madhu has to pay for her parents deeds.

Madhu Tries To Leave

Madhu tries to leave Abahy's house, saying she does not accept the marriage.

Bittu Calls

Bittu calls informing Dida needs another surgery.

Madhu Decides To Stay Back

Madhu decided to stay back since she has no other option to save her grand mother.

Madhu Pleads

Madhu pleads to Abhay not to tell anything that has happened to Bittu or her Dida.

Madhu Decides To Stay

Madhu has no other option but to stay as Abhay asks her to do.

Abhay Introduces Her Husband

Abhay introduces Madhu to her husband, who is an adult with a brain of a 6 year old.

Madhu Shocked

Madhu would be shocked to meet her husband who would be playing around with toys.

Her Punishment He Says

Abhay says that it is his punishment to her for being the daughter of RK.


Madhu would be devastated with the turn of events.

The Husband

The husband too is scared looking at Madhu crying int he bathroom.

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