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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 22nd May; Raja Punishes Bhanu For Forcing Madhu To Dance (Pics)

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 22nd May written episode: As the festival starts, grand pa asks Raja about Madhu. Tara and Agni start provoking grand pa against Madhu. Raja promises to take her to the fest before time. When the dance party starts, Madhu watches it from her window and abhors the dirty dancing.

Raja goes to his room and sees that Madhu has not dressed for the festival. She sticks to her point of not attending the fest. Raja lifts her and takes her downstairs. He makes her sit beside her and tells her to start interacting with his family.

Raja has to attend to an important phone call. He warns Madhu not to escape again. As Raja leaves, Bhanu holds Madhu's hand and takes her to the stage by force, saying that they have a relation of fun. He proposes a dance with Madhu. Tara, Agni and grand ma enjoy this.

When Madhu struggles to free herself, Raja comes and tells Bhanu to dance alone. He insists on making fun of him, as a revenge. He threatens Bhanu with fire arm and makes a blank fire. When grand ma tries to stop Raja, he argues that she did not stop Bhanu when he forced Madhu.

Raja puts a dupatta on Bhanu's head and makes him dance. He makes fun veiling and unveiling Bhanu when he dances. He stops when Tara makes a gesture of appeal to him. After everything is finished, Bhanu bursts into anger and vandalizes the hall. He bursts on Tara as she could not stop his insult.

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Call Girls Dance At Function

The function organised has call girls dancing for money.

Madhu Disgusted

Madhu, who is watching everything from her bedroom window, shuts the window.

Raja Forces

Madhu is adamant that she does not want to be a part of such a cheap function.

Raja Carries Madhu Down

Raja carries a struggling Madhu till the function hall.

Raja Tells Her To Interact

He asks her to mingle with the family members.

Raja Warns Madhu

Madhu is warned not to run away again. He goes to attend a call.

Meanwhile, Bhanu Plays Around

Bhanu asks Madhu to dance with him.

Bhanu Drags Madhu

Madhu desperately tries to free herself from his clutches.

Others Enjoy

Agni and Tara enjoy the sight.

Grand Pa Objects

Grandpa objects, but grandma convinces him, saying it is Bhanu's right.

Raja Returns

Raja is furious seeing this.

Tit For Tat

Raja pokes fun at Bhanu.

Raja Threatens Bhanu

He forces Bhanu to dance.

Raja Puts Dupatta On Bhanu's Head

Bhanu is made to dance like a girl as punishment.

Raja Has Fun

Bhanu with ghunghat(veil)...

Bhanu Humiliated

Bhanu plots revenge...

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