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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 23rd May; Raja Slaps Madhu In Front Of Everyone! (Pics)

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 23rd May written episode: Grand pa keeps thinking about the last tiff between Raja and Bhanu. Grand ma comes to him and complains that he kept quiet throughout the fight. She opines that Raja overreacted for a petty issue. Raja comes soon and he warns if Bhanu tries to touch his wife for a second time, he will truly kill him.

Grand ma slams Raja for supporting Madhu and says that he has become wife's puppet. Raja opposes and says that he takes his own decisions being influenced by no one.

Grand pa stops both of them. He rebukes grand ma for questioning him about his silence and forbids Raja to be so stubborn. He declares that he is still the head of the family and the family will run by his decisions.

Raja comes to his room and finds Madhu upset. Madhu complains that he does not care for her honour. She makes him responsible for her insult. If he did not bring her to this house forcefully, Bhanu would never be able to force her for dancing. Raja argues that he has fought against his family only for her cause. Madhu appeals for her freedom and bursts into tears.

At night Raja receives an urgent call and goes out. Grand pa comes to Bhanu to counsel him. He tells him to work together with Raja. Bhanu says that Raja has lost his power and he is governed by his wife.

Right at this moment Raja enters the house dragging a man with him. Raja beats him up mercilessly and he begs for life. Grand pa identifies the man as Devi Sheth-the marijuana merchant. Raja declares that he is the killer of his parents and brother. Grand pa is shocked. Madhu sees Raja beating up the man and comes to stop him. Raja forbids her to interfere. When she still tries to save the man, Raja slaps her brutally!

Catch All The Action Here..

Madhu's Agony

Madhu says no one cares for her feelings.

Madhu Blames Raja

Madhu says that it was because of him that Bhanu misbehaved with her.

Madhu Wants To Leave Raja

Madhu says she is not happy.

Poor Madhu Pleads

Madhu begs Raja to let her go away.

Raja Beats Up A Man

Madhu intervenes and says that he is about to kill him.

Raja Slaps Madhu

Raja gets annoyed and slaps poor Madhu in front of everyone.

Shocked Madhu

What will be Madhu's next step now?

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