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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 29th May; Raja Climbs Thirty Floors Carrying Madhu In Arms! (Pics)

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    Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 29th May written episode: Grand ma erupts on Madhu as she has to leave her sweet home, her native place and go to Mumbai for Madhu. She says that from now on there will be a relationship of hate between Madhu and her. She will never let her live happily, claims grand ma.

    Coming to Mumbai, Raja's village family is absolutely confused seeing the high-rise mansions. They are surprised seeing several flats within a same building, having no separate courtyard or roof.

    When they come to know that Raja's flat is on the thirtieth floor and they have to go there by elevator, they become absolutely scared. Madhu explains the importance of CCTV and how it works.

    Raja sends his family to the thirtieth floor through lift and waits for lift with Madhu. Grand pa becomes impatient as he wants to use the restroom. There is some problem in the lift and it is late. Grand pa finds it hard to control.

    Bhanu knocks on an adjacent flat. An aged woman opens the door and he requests her to allow grand pa to use the washroom. She refuses and misbehaves. Bhanu threatens to kill her and she shuts the door.

    Tara suggests that grand pa can pee outside the flat as no one is seeing. When grand pa is just ready to relieve himself, Agni shouts seeing a CCTV camera there. Grand pa stops.

    Raja decides to go by stairs. He is afraid leaving Madhu alone as she can escape. He lifts her and climbs the stairs. He reaches the thirtieth floor carrying Madhu. Grand pa is relieved when Raja opens the door of the flat.

    Just after they make themselves comfortable in the luxurious flat, the neighbor woman comes with police to arrest Bhanu. Bhanu threatens her in front of the Police. Will Raja be able to handle the situation? Or the Police will arrest Bhanu?

    Raja's Family Reaches Mumbai

    Everyone is amused and frightened by the city life. The CCTV cameras, the big apartments, the elevator...all these are new, intimidating things!

    Madhu Back Home

    Madhu is ecstatic on returning to Mumbai.

    Problem With Elevator

    Madhu and Raja are waiting for the elevator after sending the others first.

    Grand Pa's Urgency!

    Grand pa wants to urgently use the restroom, and the keys are with Raja!

    Raja Wants To Climb Thirty Floors!

    Raja says that he can climb thirty floors and asks Madhu to come along. She flatly refuses.

    Madhu's Chance To Escape?

    Madhu realises that she can use the opportunity to escape.


    Raja starts climbing the stairs and realises his mistake. He rushes down and finds Madhu.

    Raja Carries Madhu!

    Raja offers to carry her all the way to the thirtieth floor!

    Grand Pa's Desperation!

    Bhanu knocks violently at the neighbour's door for help!

    Bhanu Requests Lady

    Bhanu asks the lady to allow grand pa to use her restroom.

    Neighbour Irritated

    Bhanu's knocking annoys the neighbour and she refuses to help.

    Bhanu Threatens!

    Bhanu threatens to hit the neighbour.

    Lizard Plays Cupid!

    Madhu is scared on seeing a lizard and holds onto Raja tightly.

    Madhu And Raja's Cute Fight

    Raja's phone rings, and Madhu fusses about taking it out of his pocket. Raja gets tickled in the bargain.

    CCTV Camera!

    Grandpa is about to pee outside the flat in helplessness and everybody remembers about the CCTV camera!

    Raja-Madhu Arrive In Time!

    Raja-Madhu see Bhanu trying to destroy the camera.

    Neighbour Brings The Cops!

    The lady asks the Police to arrest Bhanu.

    Bhanu Threatens To Shoot Lady!

    Bhanu makes the mistake of telling the lady that he wants to shoot her, in front of the Police!

    Will he be arrested now?

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