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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 2nd April; Madhu Is Raju's Doll, He Is Abhay's Toy!

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 2nd April written episode: Raju gives his water bottle to Madhu saying that he cannot tolerate tears. He brings a lot of storybooks and asks Madhu to read out stories. He claims that she is his ‘doll’. Madhu becomes irritated and shouts at him. He expels her from the room. Tamanna taunts Madhu saying that she has got a husband and a child together.

Madhu becomes dumb and sits on the floor. Raju makes several attempts to comfort her and make her smile. It has no effect on Madhu. He sleeps on the floor. Madhu comes to the room after some time. Raju asks what she has got from the game. He mentions that his parents have got a big amount of money from ‘Tamanna Aunty’, and he has got a lot of toys. He also mentions that a ‘big surprise’ is waiting for him.

Abhay erupts on Tamanna as she has brought Raju, whose face exactly resembles RK’s. Tamanna says that there will be more fun in torturing the couple, as Raju’s face resembles RK’s and Madhu’s face is similar to Madhubala. She assures Abhay that there can be no match of Raju in creating trouble, as he is totally unpredictable.

Tamanna pulls the handle of the main switch. Raju becomes mad when the house sinks into darkness. He goes out of the room screaming and falls from the stairs. Light is back soon. All the family members rush to the hall. Raju discovers his surprise, his favourite hero Abhay Kapoor in front of him. He takes autograph and acts like Abhay. Pam and Nikhil are amused to know that the boy is mentally challenged.

Madhu Taken Aback

Madhu would be taken aback when Raju approaches her with toys and story books.

Madhu Irritated

Madhu is initially irritated by Raju's behavior.


Madhu would then be fascinated by Raju soon after by Raju's approach.


Madhu would then get dejected by the turn of events and breaks down crying.


Raju uncaring for Madhu's situation would play beside her.

Raju's Surprise

Raju would be promised that he would get a good surprise very soon.

Lights Goes Off

When the lights goes off Raju would get very upset runs down the stairs and falls.

Raju - Abhay

Raju would worship Abhay like he is his hero.


Abhay would know that Raju thinks he is the real hero from his movies.

Raju's Fascination

Raju's fascination towards Abhay would be evident with the way he reacts for his autograph.

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