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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 31st March; Madhu Shattered Knowing Her True Identity

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 31st March written episode: Bebe vehemently reacts to Abhay’s behaviour. She asks Abhay why on earth he has played such a cruel joke. Abhay answers that this is no joke, but his revenge against his father’s death. He declares Madhu’s identity in front of everyone, that she is not Madhubala Devakinandan, but Madhubala Kundra, daughter of Rishabh Kudra aka RK.

Abhay calls Madhu a liar. He recalls that she did not let him meet her Dida, as she knew the consequences. He says that she loves her Dida so much, but gave her nod for the marriage without informing Dida.

Madhu denies accepting her marriage with a completely unknown man. The priest tells her that the marriage has been performed following religious customs. So, she has to accept whatever has happened to her. Madhu asks Leela about her true identity. She is confident that her Dida can never lie.

Leela confirms Abhay’s words. She recalls the incident of the blast. She tells Madhu how she and her Dida was saved and Bittu became jobless after the incident. She also recalls that the blame was on Abhay’s father, who died of shock. She blames Madhu for everything, for telling lies and for doing job under Abhay Kapoor.

Leela denies taking any responsibility for Madhu and leaves with Sweety. Pam becomes happy to know that she can grab the property within three days. When everyone leaves, Madhu bursts into helpless tears in the empty hall.

Madhu Marries An Unknown Man

Madhu assuming it is Abhay ends up marrying an unknown person.

When The Groom Was Revealed

The groom shows himself to shocking everyone.

The Groom

The groom shows himself. The unknown man will be played by Vivian Dsena.

Abhay Not The Groom

Bebe in shock after realising it was not Abhay who married Madhu but a stranger.

Bebe Asks Why Abhay Did This

Bebe gets very upset with what Abhay has done and demands an explanation.

Abhay Explains The Reason

Abhay explains the reason why he did such a thing. He says that Madhu tried to cheat him by hiding the fact that she was Rishab Kundra's daughter.

Madhu In Shock

Abhay blames Madhu that she knew who she was and deliberately hid the facts to him.

Madhu Reacts

Madhu reacts to the fact that she is married to a stranger she does not know and she is cheated.

Madhu Left Alone

Everyone believes that Madhu was at fault and she is left helpless.

Madhu Shattered

Madhu shattered realising what has happened and breaks down.

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