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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon: 9th June; Raja Gets Drunk, Rapes Madhu; Madhu Slaps Raja! (Pics)

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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon 9th June written episode: Raja says that he can do anything to win Madhu's love, but she expels him from the room. He sits in the drawing room and thinks about the insult Madhu has brought upon him openly. Bhanu sees that it would be a good opportunity to exploit Raja.

He comes to Raja with a bottle of wine. Raja cannot refuse a glass of wine in a disturbed mental condition. Bhanu takes out a pouch of some intoxicating powder and adds it to Raja's wine.

Bhanu tells Raja that he is losing his right as a husband, as he has not touched his wife still. Raja argues that he loves his wife and cannot touch her without her consent. Bhanu counters this with all his patriarchal arguments.

Bhanu claims that it is a husband's right to have sex with his wife, with or without her permission. He adds that women are to be dealt with power, not love. He provokes Raja to forcefully have sex with Madhu!

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Raja comes to his room and knocks the door. From his sound Madhu understands that he is extremely drunk. She refuses to open the door. Bhanu provokes Raja to break the door. Raja follows his instruction.

Raja enters the room and tells Madhu that he has forever loved and honoured her and so, never touched her against her will. But in return she has insulted him in front of his family. He insists on having sex with her, breaking all the barriers.

Madhu gives her best effort to resist, but fails. She screams for help, but ultimately she is raped by her husband, who has lost his sense under the effect of alcohol.

In the morning Madhu slaps Raja and says that she will give him the punishment of raping a woman. Raja replies that he has caressed his own wife, there can be no question of rape!

How would Madhu fight for her honour? Would anyone believe her statement?

Catch moments from the shocking episode of Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon, here...

Bhanu Gets Raja Drunk

Bhanu mixes a powder in Raja's drink to intoxicate him. Bhanu tells Raja that it is his right over Madhu to have sex with her.

Raja Refuses

Raja says that he loves and respects Madhu, so he would never do such a thing. But Bhanu provokes him, saying that he has come under his wife's control.

Drunk Raja Knocks At Door

He keeps knocking, and Madhu refuses to open the door sensing that he is drunk.

Bhanu Encourages Raja

Bhanu encourages Raja to break open the door as it is unfair that a husband be kept waiting outside the door while his wife is inside!

Raja Speaks Nonsense

Raja begins to abuse Madhu and says that it is now time for her to give up her stubbornness.

Raja Drags Madhu

Raja forces Madhu against her will. Madhu screams for help.

Madhu Pleads

Madhu begs for him to leave her, but he is very drunk.

Bhanu Plots, Turns Off Light

Bhanu turns off the power as soon as he hears Madhu screaming.

Raja Has Had His Way

Madhu wakes up the next morning in shock.

Madhu Slaps Raja

Madhu slaps him as he comes to touch her again.

Madhu Accuses Raja of Marital Rape!

Madhu says that he has committed a heinous crime, punishable by law. She is disgusted that Raja's uncouth ways could reach such an extreme.

Raja Completely Unaware

Raja is now sober and entirely unaware of the previous night's activities. Bhanu has thus, succeeded in bringing a rift between the two.

Now will Madhu go to the Police?

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