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OMG! Sonali Raut Slapped Ali Right In The Face On Bigg Boss 8!

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    Bigg Boss 8's Sonali Raut slapped Ali Quli Mirza right in the face when she heard about Ali's taunt regarding her "catwalk". Ali then packed his bags to leave the house and was even seen trying to climb out of the house, Kushal Tandon style.

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    Ali has been under the radar for quite some time now and with contestants loosing patience with his "fun", some of them, lead by Puneet Issar, pounced on him from all sides and cornered him. Ali then tried to defend himself like always but failed since everyone stood against him. During this commotion, Sonali lost her patience with him and decided to give him a tight slap.

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    Ali then packed his bags to leave and asked Bigg Boss to open the door or he will break it open. When Bigg Boss continued to maintain his silence, Ali decided to leave the house by jumping the compound. (Well, trying to be Kushal Tandon are we?)

    There has been many instances when Ali has been getting on the nerves of others, especially the female folk. His issue with Sonali, when he touched her under the blanket did not go unnoticed by all and the punishment for this, though, was just to nominate him and snatch away his chance to ever become a captain in the house. Though Sonali let go of the issue (of course after some taunting and teasing) other ladies in the house continued to face Ali's version of "fun". This time Soanli lost her cool to teach him a lesson.

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    The latest person to suffer from Ali's behaviour was Dimpy. After following her like a lost puppy from the time she entered the house, Ali chose to betray her and make her cry. Though Dimpy maintained her distance with him after this, he continued to start issues with her, like recently when he blamed her about taking away his doll.

    Will Ali manage to leave the house? Will Sonali be punished for physical violence on another? Let's wait and watch Bigg Boss 8 to see what happens.

    Ali Targeted

    Ali gets targeted for his behaviour in the house. Contestants lead by Puneet corner him suddenly and ask him to explain himself regarding his previous words.

    Puneet Issar

    Puneet Issar asked Ali about his behaviour regarding Sonali, Upen and about his comment about Sonali. Upen was seen trying to calm Puneet when he got aggressive and was about to attack him.

    Ali Tried To Defend

    Ali tried to defend himself yet again by telling he has told stuff about others and everyone else has too. He tried to escape like he did previously by saying that is his strategy and so on but Puneet was not in mood to listen to him.

    Ali Gets Slapped

    Sonali looses her cool this time and slaps him right in the face. Ali who did not expect this had to defense against her at this point of time. Sonali took the issue when he touched her lightly but this time she did not want to let him go that easy.

    Ali Packed Bags

    Ali then packed his bags and decided to leave immediately. This is not the first time anyone has packed their bags to leave. Previously Arya Babbar too packed to leave when Puneet attacked him but decided to let it go later.

    Bigg Boss

    Ali asked Bigg Boss to open the door so he can leave. When he did not get any reply, he decided to leave no matter by climbing out. The others tried to calm him.

    Ali - Kushal

    Ali climbed the walls to leave the same way Kushal Tandon had done the previous season. Ali must have seen the publicity he got due to the issue and might have wanted it.


    Sonali, being the easy going lady she is, seemed cool after slapping Ali too. She seemed rather happy when Ali tried to leave the house too.

    Ali - Sonali

    Sonali Raut slapping Ali Quli Mirza and he trying to leave the house reminds us a lot of the last season when Kushal tried to leave when he accused Tanisha Mukherjee of attacking him.

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