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Qubool Hai: 12th June; Sanam Starts Hunt For Secret With Badi Begum's Broken Clues, In Danger!(Pics)

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Qubool Hai 12th June written episode: Munisa's husband finds that she is upset. He comes to know that Rahat has again locked himself inside his room, as he is troubled by past memories. She remembers that last time when he did alike, he came out after two days! And he does not pay attention to anything, when he is lost in his painful memories.

He sends Munisa out cleverly, as Dilshad is not present in the house and he will be alone with Haya. Haya becomes scared when he comes to her. When Dilshad calls he gives the line to Haya. Dilshad guesses that Haya is disturbed, but he tells her that Haya is fine.

He keeps chasing Haya and convincing her to be close with him. Haya keeps running from him and knocks at the door of Rahat, whose ears are plugged with headphones.

Tanveer finds that Badi Begum is not speaking in her presence. She forbids Sanam to inform the matter to Aahil. She tortures Badi Begum in the absence of Sanam. Badi Begum again speaks some broken words to Sanam-‘red wall', ‘four point crossing' and ‘Salauddin'. She also apprehends some danger.

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Sanam comes to the market and boards an auto on her way back. The auto takes a short cut and loses direction in an empty road. The driver gets down to ask the direction from local people.

Sanam gets down and sees a red house; it strikes her. She also discovers that it is a four point crossing. Soon the driver comes and says that he has found the direction. When she again gets into the auto, she sees some goons looking at her.

She remembers that Badi Begum also mentioned some ‘danger'!

Catch the pictures here...

Badi Begum Keeps Mum

Badi Begum does not talk when Tanveer comes to her room.

Sanam Suggests Calling Aahil

Sanam suggests that if Aahil and the family come meet, she may get courage to speak. But Tanveer tells her that Badi Begum never speaks and that she only expresses fragments of her imagination.

Sanam Not Convinced

Sanam is not convinced with Tanveer's explanation and feels that Badi Begum really has something to express.

Tanveer Threatens Badi Begum

Tanveer pressurises Badi Begum for not speaking up.

Evil, Evil Tanveer

Tanveer is furious and vents it all in Sanam's absence. When will her true self be revealed to Sanam? Keep watching this space for more.

Badi Begum Sees Danger

Badi Begum again mentions the red wall, but also says there's danger lurking in the vicinity.

Sanam Pacifies Badi Begum

Sanam comforts Badi Begum saying she cannot be in danger in this house.

Sanam Is Lost

Sanam goes to the market and gets lost in a remote place.

What happens next? See next slide..

Sanam Finds Red Wall!

Sanam is uncertain whether this is the same red wall that Badi Begum was talking about. She also sees four roads meeting, like Badi Begum said.

Sanam Scared Of Danger Lurking

Sanam remembers Badi Begum's words, one by one.

Goons See Sanam!

A couple of goons watch Sanam observing the house, from a distance. Does Salauddin's treasure lie in the red house?

No Escape For Haya

This time, Haya finds no escape from Munisa's husband, as she is all alone at home. Will he do the unthinkable to Haya? Come back tomorrow to find out!

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