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Qubool Hai: Ahil-Sanam Win The Game!


Qubool Hai 20th September written episode:The competition judges come to Ahil’s house to see their dream house model. Sanam comes with a sad face and says that the house is not ready. But Ahil comes with the complete model of the house. The judges are amazed seeing the wonderful house. They tell Ahil to explain the house.

Ahil perfectly narrates how Sanam has planned the house, the kitchen , the bedroom, the children’s room etc. They are even more impressed with the description. They unofficially declare that Ahil and Sanam are the winners and say that they will confirm it later.

Qubool Hai: Ahil-Sanam Win The Game!

After they leave, Ahil tells Sanam that the house was very special for him as they made it together. He also says sorry for destroying it; he says that he overreacted. Tanveer is irritated and feels insecure. After Ahil leaves, Tanveer tells Sanam that she should not celebrate this success based on a fake marriage. Sanam smiles and says that dreams are fulfilled if a person is honest at heart. Tanveer fumes.

One of the organizers calls Tanveer and informs that Ahil and Sanam has won the competition and a creative team will come to shoot a portfolio of the couple. Tanveer thinks she will get an opportunity to break up the relationship that is just blooming between the couple.

Razia pressures Dilshad to speak out. She says that she will make a medicated drink for Dilshad, to make her speak. Tanveer calls the lawyer and comes to know that he has given the papers in Ahil’s hand. She fumes knowing that Ahil has lied to her. She appoints Azhar’s parents to bring the papers to her without any fail.

Seher’s uncle and aunt tell her to stop being emotional about Rehan. They say that they will loot him for sure, with or without her assistance. Uncle blackmails Seher that once she has stepped into the world of crime, she can never go back to a normal life. Seher alias Suneheri says that she will never let them rob Rehan’s office. Rehan gives a bunch of keys to Seher for some work. Uncle takes the bunch forcing her and takes an impression of the locker key.

Faiz’s aunt sends Haya to the kitchen and increases the temperature of the sauna room. She opens the door after a few minutes when Faiz is almost choked by the steam. Haya comes with tea and becomes shocked seeing his condition.

Faiz says that he is disgusted with the relationship. He could die for Haya’s irresponsibility. She tries to tell him that aunt misguided her. He pays no heed and utters ‘Talaq’ thrice. He expels her.

Haya sits outside and cries. When she sees Faiz coming out she again requests him not to divorce her and give her a chance. Aunt intervenes with the divorce paper. Faiz promptly signs the paper and leaves. Aunt forces Haya to sign.

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