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Rangrasiya: 22nd May; Laila Finally Leaves Ranawat House! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 22nd May written episode: Laila is confident that Rudra would never be able to expel her as Paro would prevent it. She tells Mohini that she bribed the puppet artist to tell the story on stage. At night Paro asks Rudra about the end of the story-whom the King chose at last. Rudra says that he is also searching for the end.

Laila gives a dupatta to Mohini to embroider on it. Mohini designs the dupatta through the whole night. In the morning Laila gifts it to Paro and lies that she has done it with her own hands. She shows Rudra and Paro's name embroidered on it, to impress Paro.

Rudra calls Laila and Paro to the hall. He says that he has called a doctor to check Laila's health. Doctor opines that Laila's wounds can be cured within two-four days. Rudra tells her to pack her bag and go to BSD office with Aman.

Whenever Mohini tries to defend Laila, Rudra stops her. Laila tries to win Paro's sympathy for one last time. She utters that no one will care if she dies at the hands of Tejawat's men, as she is an orphan.

Laila is sure that Paro will stop her before she reaches her room to pack her bag. Paro truly stops her. She tells Laila never to call herself an orphan again, as they are always with her. She supports Rudra's decision of leaving Laila to Aman's care, as Aman is a brave and efficient officer. 

Paro gives the dupatta back to Laila, to keep it as a memory of the days spent with the Ranawat family. She tells Laila to remember them if she is ever in trouble. Laila goes to pack her bag, losing her last hope.

Rudra comes to Laila's room to hurry her. When Laila claims herself to be Rudra's original love, Rudra sets the example of Paro, who knows sacrifice, while Laila only knows snatching. He understands Laila's dirty game of putting Paro down, says Rudra. He compels Laila to leave.

Catch Evil Laila's Humiliation On The Episode...

Laila Gifts Sari To Paro

Laila gets a sari with Parvati-Rudra embroidered.

Paro Is Touched

Laila says that Paro's name is incomplete without Rudra's.

Rudra Calls Laila A Guest

Rudra says that it's time Laila left the haveli.

Laila Asked To Go With Amar

Rudra leaves Laila's safety to Amar, whom he considers his most able officer.

Laila's Melodrama

Laila says that no one cares even if she is shot dead. She calls herself an orphan.

Laila Confident Paro Will Stop Her

Laila is sure that Paro will never let her leave the haveli.

Paro Shocks Everyone

Paro says that Laila can always rely on the haveli members though she will be leaving.

Laila's Plan a Failure

Laila is shocked out of her wits due to the unexpected behaviour of Paro.

Laila Packs Bags

Rudra comes to send Laila out aoon.

Rudra Rebukes Laila

He says that the puppet artist revealed Laila's bribing him.

Laila Humiliated

Laila has no truth to support her.

Laila V/S Paro

Rudra tells Laila to learn the true meaning of unselfish love from Paro.

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