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Rangrasiya: 23rd May; The Loverboy In Rudra Emerges! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 23rd May written episode: Laila vows that she will avenge her defeat and this time she will punish Mohini also, beside Paro. Aman takes Laila to the BSD residence and warns her not to step out. Rudra asks Paro why she did not stop Laila. Paro says that she has faith on Rudra and so, supported his decision.

Rudra comes to know that Dilsher will take Paro to the doctor's chamber for her eye check up. He calls Aman and informs that he would like to take a day-off, as he has to take Paro to the doctor's chamber.

Laila overhears Aman's conversation and becomes envious. Aman again warns her not to go out of the BSD residence and leaves for office. After Aman leaves, Laila escapes through the window and comes to Sumer. She proposes having food and spending time with him.

After the doctor check up is over, Rudra asks Paro whether she would like to have some food or visit some place. Paro innocently replies that she has cooked food at home and she wants to go back home.

When Suneheri learns this, she laughs at Paro's innocence. She tells Paro that when a boy likes to have a day-out with a girl and cannot say it directly, he gives proposals in a roundabout way. She opines that Rudra has started liking Paro. She tells Paro that Rudra is not a person to express his emotions directly.

Rudra becomes restless in his room as he truly wanted to have day-out with Paro. He thinks of going to office as Paro is not able to understand him. When he opens the wardrobe for his dress, he finds the earing Paro wore in the Jaipur party. He gets an excuse of going to her.

Rudra comes to Paro and sees her folding dried clothes alone. He offers her help. Paro keeps thinking, if he can offer help directly, then why not a day-out!

Don't Miss These Golden Rudra-Paro Moments..!

Paro Trusts Rudra

Paro says she did not stop Laila from leaving as she trusts him now.

Rudra Takes Paro For Eye Checkup!

Rudra applies for leave from work and accompanies Paro.

Rudra Wants A Day-out With Paro!

Rudra proposes to Paro that they eat outside.

Naive Paro

Paro says that food is already prepared at home. Suneheri scolds her saying that Rudra loves her, that's why he asked her the question.

Paro Blushes

Paro's dreams comes true.

Laila Vows To Cause More Trouble

Laila wants revenge.

Laila Meets Sumer

Laila spends time with Sumer.

Laila Jealous

Laiala comes to know of Rudra accompanying Paro to the doctor.

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