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Rangrasiya: 26th May; Laila Proposes Marriage To Sumer, Kidnapped By Tejawat's Men! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 26th May written episode: So far angry and wild Rudra has started being romantic about wife Paro's earring and also craving for her company. Is it a change, or it was very much within him, only to be evoked by situation?

While folding clothes together in the courtyard, Rudra and Paro slip and fall. Shockingly, Rudra starts laughing like a child. The family is stunned seeing his gesture. Dilsher tells Paro that he is seeing his son in such a mood, after fifteen long years of darkness. Dilsher appreciates the magic of Paro.

Maithili behaves like a good sister-in-law and sends them to purchase veggies, so that this romance can bloom more. She herself has reasons for celebration too, as Samrat has started a new business, and has seen a big profit.

But everything cannot be fair, in the presence of Mohini. She cannot accept that Dilsher has given business capital to her son, when she herself has forever said that Samrat is good for nothing. It hits her ego.

Laila spends a good time with Sumer, in the company of alcohol and food. Sumer is missing home badly and Laila tries taking the opportunity. She gives a marriage proposal to Sumer, with a promise that she will help him.

When Sumer laughs at her proposal, she behaves like a wounded tigress. What she tries next, is to poison Sumer's mind against Mohini. She says that Mohini pretends loving her son a lot. But she is a mother who has trapped Sumer, to save herself.

Leaving Sumer's place Laila travels through the market. A person notices her and informs someone that he has seen ‘Rudra's informer'. He also promises to ‘do the needful'. A car stops beside Laila and she is kidnapped by the person.

So, is Laila to be murdered by Tejawat's men ? Will the love story of Rudra become free of the villain ?

A few scenes from the episode...

Love Blossoms

Rudra-Laila are folding clothes in the backyard when Rudra slips because of the detergent. The two are lost in each other's eyes.

New Side Of Rudra

Rudra starts laughing hysterically.

Paro Delighted

Paro welcomes the new Rudra.

Colours Of Love

Paro washes the blue stains from Rudra's face.

Growing Closer

Rudra and Paro come closer to each other.

Rudra Returns Paro's Earring

Paro is surprised that Rudra has safely kept her earring.

Laila Proposes To Sumer

Laila tells Sumer that the only way he can go back to his mother is by her and Sumer marrying.

Sumer Refuses, Laila's Ego Hurt

Sumer laughs at the proposal. This wounds Laila's ego.

Laila Calls Sumer 'Rudra'!

Laila addresses Sumer as 'Rudra' in anger.

Mohini Jealous

Mohini is jealous that Maithili's husband has started his own business.

Laila Says Mohini Is Fake

Laila tells Sumer that his mother Mohini, does not truly love him.

Rudra-Paro Go To The Market

Rudra and Paro get some time alone.

Rudra Buys Vegetables

Rudra tries his hand at shopping for veggies.

Laila Kidnapped!

Laila goes to the market and is kidnapped by Tejawat's men there.

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