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Rangrasiya: 27th May; Paro Feels Sorry For Not Trusting Rudra (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 27th May written episode: Rudra and Paro spend a good time in the market with veggie bargaining and having ice gola. Rudra is informed by Aman that Laila is missing. He rushes to the BSD office with Paro. When Rudra believes that Laila has escaped, Paro opines that she can be kidnapped by Tejawat's men.

Aman confirms that Laila has escaped, as she has kept the pillows in way that makes an illusion that she is sleeping on bed, and the window is wide open. Rudra becomes sure that Laila's only intention was to disturb his married life. The story of Tejawat's men is all rubbish, thinks Rudra.

Paro feels bad to think that she has blindly believed Laila. She remembers all the instances where Laila has tried to hurt her emotion. On the other hand Laila is taken inside a dark room, where she faces Tejawat.

There is another crisis in the Ranawat house, as Mohini fumes over Samrat's new business. Dilsher tries to make it easy saying that everything has been well with Samrat and Mohini should be happy.

Mohini cannot be happy, as she has forever hated Dilsher and now he has helped her son to start new business. She erupts on Maithili, as she thinks that Maithili has intentionally hidden it from her.

When Dilsher tries to protect Maithili, Mohini insults him crossing all the limits. She says that he is trying to capture her son, as he has failed to control his own wife and son. Bablu stops Mohini and tells her to apologize.

Mohini becomes compelled to say sorry, but naturally she is far from being sorry! What would be the result of a mother's envy against her son?

See the sizzling chemistry between Rudra and Paro...

Confused And Cute

Paro is confused about her choicer of flavour at the gola stall.

Rudra The Admirer

Rudra watches her in awe.

Paro-Rudra Enjoy Gola

Rudra and Paro eat gola.

Caring Rudra

Rudra wipes gola stain from Paro's cheek.

Rudra Suspects Laila

Rudra is suspicious that Laila has fooled them using Tejawat's name to enter the Ranawat Haveli.

Paro Differs

Paro says she is worried about a man like Rudra, who does not trust anyone.

Aman Confirms

Aman says that Laila has indeed fled from her room.

Rudra Scolds Paro

Rudra tells Paro that Laila had bribed the puppet artist to change the story and hurt Paro.

Paro Sorry

Paro realises her mistake and recalls how Laila had tried to hurt her on many occasions.

Mohini's Jealousy

Mohini mocks fun at Maithili in jealousy of Samrat.

Laila Kidnapped By Tejawat

It turns out that Laila has not escaped, but has been kidnapped.

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