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Rangrasiya: 28th May; Rudra Shares Story Of His Childhood With Paro, Cries In Her Lap! (Pics)

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Rangrasiya 28th May written episode: Rudra comes back home and scolds Paro for abruptly leaving the BSD office. He sees tears in Paro's eyes. She regrets that she went against him to protect Laila, who came to poison their relationship. Rudra comforts her and says that he would never allow Laila to do that. Paro feels how much he values the relationship.

Rudra feels bad for Dilsher as he has been insulted by Mohini. He suggests that Dilsher should have taken his name while helping Samrat and he could face Mohini. He insists on taking a separate house. Dilsher refuses it outright as he would always prefer living with the family. He tells Rudra to always keep his hope alive.

Paro discovers Rudra in the roof, seeing the full moon. She becomes surprised seeing him enjoying the beauty of moon as he is always known to be indifferent to beauty. Rudra says that he has forever taken the shelter of moon, whenever he has felt lonely. He also admits that he has taken the day off to spend time with her.

Rudra starts sharing the story of his childhood. Paro suggests that he should not open up the chapter if it pains him. Rudra still continues as he wants to share his pain with her, as he has started trusting her!

Tejawat tells Laila to convey his proposal to Rudra. He takes Laila to a dark room where she discovers Rudra's mother on the floor, in a devastated condition. She cries and regrets that she has loved a person like Tejawat and left everything for him.

At the same night, Rudra wants to listen to the song that his mother used to sing. It is the song he has abhorred listening to for so many years. Paro sings it to him. He lies on her lap and cries!

Beautiful moments from the episode...

Rudra Finds Paro Crying

Rudra comes home and scolds Paro for leaving the Police station without informing him, but finds she is in tears for trusting Laila.

Rudra Comforts Paro

Rudra takes Paro in his arms without realizing that he is doing so. He says that he would have never let Laila come between them.

Rudra Withdraws

Rudra suddenly withdraws from the embrace when Paro asks him whether he has started to value their relationship.

Paro Is Confused

Paro shares her confusion about Rudra's feelings with Maithili and says that she is worried all this will just turn out to be a dream.

Maithili Rubbishes Paro's Apprehension

Maithili says that Paro need not worry about Rudra's withdrawal and that he loves her.

Dilsher Advises Rudra

Dilsher says that trusting another, gives one incredible strength and that he must do so.

Rudra Watches The Full Moon

Rudra is on the terrace, watching the moon in silence.

Paro Surprised

Paro questions Rudra as to when he started appreciating beauty.

Rudra Confesses

Rudra admits that he took leave from work to spend time with Paro.

Paro Is Happy

Paro is now sure of Rudra's feelings.

Rudra's Childhood

Rudra reveals his chilhood memories to Paro and says he trusts her and wants her to trust him back.

Paro Accepts

Paro says that she already trusts Rudra.

Rudra Requests Paro To Sing

Rudra wants to hear his mother's song in Paro's voice.

Paro Sings

Paro starts singing the song. She recalls how Rudra had once scolded her for singing the song and bringing back painful memories.

Rudra Seeks Solace In Paro's Lap

Rudra lies down in Paro's lap and enjoys the song.

Rudra Cries

Rudra becomes emotional.

Rudra's Mother

Rudra's mother has been locked up by her husband, Tejawat. She regrets leaving Rudra for him.

Will Rudra Unite With His Mother?

The precap shows Rudra revealing to Paro, his mother's identity.

What turn will their lives take now?

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