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Rangrasiya: 3rd June; Rudra Calls Paro's Love Selfish, Does Not Confess His Love! (Pics)

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    Rangrasiya 3rd June written episode: Laila makes a plan of taking Thakurain to Rudra. Tejawat's man faints soon as Laila has added sedative to his wine. She exchanges her dress with Thakurain's and tells her to escape from the house and wait for her outside. She explains that she is doing this for Rudra.

    After Thakurain leaves, Laila hurts her own head and lies on the floor. When Tejawat comes to the room, she says that Thakurain has escaped, hurting her. Tejawat quickly starts to search for Thakurain. Thakurain hides behind a tree on the road side and waits for Laila. She sees the car of Tejawat and becomes alert. Tejawat fails to see her.

    Samrat consoles Maithili, who completely breaks down at the news of Paro. Rudra stops Paro and bursts on her. He says that he never wanted to fall in love, as it always hurts. He also compares Paro with his mother who has left him for no fault of his.

    Paro explains her oath to Rudra-that she was compelled to offer the most precious thing of her life to Lord Shiva, and for her there is nothing more precious than this relationship. Rudra is not ready to accept this. He argues that love is the highest religion of life.

    Paro asks Rudra why he was searching for her when he never loved her. Rudra becomes more irritated and tells her to go wherever she likes. They sit at a distance and think about each other. Finally Paro gets up and is about to leave the station, but she stops hearing a ruckus. She sees something and becomes shocked.

    In the coming episode, we are going to see Rudra's crazy effort to stop Paro!

    Catch glimpses from the episode here...

    Rudra Bursts At Paro

    Rudra asks her how she could leave him, and where she intends to go.

    Notions Reaffirmed

    Rudra says that he was right about love- it is selfish, and always brings pain. He gets reminded of his mother abandoning him.

    Paro Unable To Answer

    Paro stands silently, unable to answer Rudra.

    Paro Deeply Hurt

    Rudra says that Paro betrayed his trust.

    Laila's Masterplan

    Laiala has another plan up her sleeve.

    Role Reversal

    Laila gives her clothes to Thakurain and asks her to escape out, and wait for her.

    Rudra Mad At Paro

    Paro comes chasing him, and he says that love must be valued even more than a vow placed before God.

    Rudra Most Precious

    Paro says that she had to offer the most precious thing in her life in exchange for Rudra's health, and her only choice was their relationship, which she values even more than her life.

    Rudra Speechless

    Rudra is shocked, as he never expected Paro to confess such a thing openly.

    Paro Asks Rudra To Leave Her

    Paro tells Rudra to find someone better as he now has good health.

    Laila Fools Tejawat

    Laial tells Tejawat that Thakurain has escaped. Tejawat goes in search of Thakurain.

    Narrow Escape

    Thakurain hides behind a tree on seeing Tejawat's jeep approaching. There is no sign of Laila yet. What is Laila plotting?

    Paro Silently Cries

    Paro sits in a corner of the station and cries.

    Rudra Cant Understand

    Rudra cannot comprehend how it was so 'easy' for Paro to leave him.

    Rudra's Big Move

    The episode ends with Rudra calling out Paro's name loudly at the station, as she turns in shock. What has Rudra come up with, to change Paro's mind?

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