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      Saraswatichandra: 15th May; Guman Is Arrested, Thanks To Danny!


      Saraswatichandra 15th May written episode: Guman comes to Laxminandan's cabin and thinks that he is unconscious. She utters that she will keep earning his trust as usual, telling lies against others. Laxminandan opens his eyes and says that she has already lost his trust. He has been informed about the incidents by Vidyachatur, says Laxmi.

      Guman tries to convince Laxminandan arguing that Vidya was forever against their relationship and he will always try to separate them. Laxminandan denies listening to her and expels her from the room. She declares that if she loses her husband, she will not let anyone be in peace.

      The Desai family comes to the hospital. Danny sees Guman leaving the hospital. He calls her and tells her to meet him in the market. He tells her that he cannot see her behind the bars and so he wants to give her tickets of Dubai.

      Guman comes to the market to meet Danny. He questions her how she can be so mean for her own benefit. She lies that everything has been done by Saras and Kumud to put her down. Soon, Mihika comes with Kabir and tells Guman that Kabir has rescued her.

      Saras and Kumud come after this and Guman becomes impatient for getting the tickets. She says that she is least repentant for what she has done. Danny admits that it was a plot to call her to the market and he has no ticket actually.

      Guman keeps shouting that she is not going to be defeated so easily. Saras replies that she will never be able to harm the family of Saraswati. As she heads towards her car, her path is blocked by the police and she is arrested. Saras and others praise Danny for his bravery and composure. Danny says that Saras' love has given this strength in him.

      Saras and others come back to the Desai house and meets Laxminandan. Laxmi tells Saras that he has done justice to his name Saraswatichandra-the son of Saraswati ! Saras apologizes for his mistakes and misbehaviours. Laxmi hugs him.

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