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Sunny Leone Appalled: Splitsvilla 7 Girls Scratch Guys Until They Bleed!

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Sunny Leone along with many contestants on Splitsvilla 7 were appalled when the girl contestants were scratching the guy contestants until they bleed. If this is the state of Splitsvilla in week 1, wondering what would happen to them later on.

Splitsvilla 7, the MTV date reality show, which aims at entertaining the viewers by shocking them, seem to have done a good job with their latest task. In one of the tasks, the hosts Nihil Chinnapa and Sunny Leone asked the girl contestants to perform certain tasks to impress the guys by attempting the task given.

While few of the girls had to impress the guys by talking, dacing and so on, the last task demanded te girls to impress by being able to be the first one to make the guys bleed as fast as possible by scratching their forearms.

Yes, two of the girl contestants were asked to pick two other guys who they think would make them win the show, and they would then have to scracth the guys' forearms using their nails. Freaky? Just imagine the state of the handsome guys who thought they were picked byt he girls to be their knits in shinning armors.

Sunny Leone, who was right next to the contestants during this, was shocked to her very core. She dropped her jaw and was seen pitying the state of those guys being scratched until either of them bled.

Well, if all this happend in the first week, one might wonder what the state of these contestants would be by the end of the show!

Splitsvilla 7 Shocked Sunny And The Viewers

Splitsvilla 7 had the girls scratch the guys which shocked Sunny Leone, the contestants and the viewers.

Sunny And Nikhil

Sunny and Nikhil announce the tasks the contestants have to deal with to survive on the show.

Task At Hand

Contestants would be told that they have to scratch the guys on their forearm until they bleed and who ever succeeds first survives.

Girls Scratch Until The Guys Bled

The girls have to scratch the two guys until either of them bled.

Sunny's Reaction

Sunny Leone was shocked to her core when the girsl went at it scratching the guys.

Guys In Pain

The guys had to endure the pain without any option.

Other Tasks

The other tasks included, who ever gets the highest number of kisses from the guys survive.

Best Dancer

The best dancer who manages to impress the guys would survive.

Arm Wrestle

The girls had to arm wrestle to survive.

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