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      Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Sanjana Escapes Seeing Toshi, Purnima Tensed


      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 12th September written episode: Param comes to Ishita and taunts her saying that she must be curious about his relationship with Sanjana. He tells her that she has to wait more to solve the mystery and one day she will become compelled to ask for his help. Ishita becomes tensed.

      Ishita’s palak paneer impresses Raman. Ruhi reminds him that he promised a gift to Ishita if she becomes able to cook the dish. Raman agrees. Toshi calls Raman privately and tells him that Ishita’s cooking teacher is none other than Purnima Prakash.

      Toshi shows Raman the cookbook and he also becomes worried like her. She opines that they should tell everything to Ishita. Raman does not agree. He tells Toshi to go to the cooking class and keep close watch on the situation.

      Toshi casually asks Ishita about her cooking class and cooking teacher. Ishita excitedly shares her experience and appreciates Purnima a lot. She tells Toshi that Purnima loves Ruhi a lot. She also mentions that Purnima came to the complex.

      Toshi thinks she should be alert. She comes to the cooking class. The receptionist tells her that she cannot allow her inside. Sanjana becomes alert seeing Toshi. Ishita notices that Sanjana leaves the class abruptly.

      Ishita doubts whether Sanjana knows the Bhalla family as she also escaped seeing Raman. She takes Toshi inside. Toshi meets Purnima, who becomes pale seeing her. Toshi gives a tough stare at Purnima while exchanging formalities.

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