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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 15th February, Ruhi Chooses Shagun Over Ishita!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 15th February written episode: Raman and Ishita leave their honeymoon suite in early morning and come back home. In the morning Ishita finds that all the bathrooms in Bhalla house are occupied and she is getting late for her clinic. She goes to her father’s place and becomes fresh. When she comes back, Mrs Bhalla asks her to join the breakfast table. She does not like the food and says that she does not have hunger. She takes tea only. Mr Bhalla understands the matter. He goes to Mr Iyer’s place and brings some Idli . He shares the idlis with Ishita. Mrs Bhalla and Simmi do not like like it.

In the court Shagun and Ashok discuss about Raman’s failure to marry Ishita and they feel content about their success in the case. When they see Ishita in the attire of a married woman, they are simply stunned. Shagun messages Ishita and calls her outside the courtroom.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Ishita tells Shagun that she has married Raman for Ruhi. Shagun bursts in anger and insults Ishita. She says that Ishita has cheated her. She shouts that Ishita was being rejected by boys and so, she targeted Raman, who is a rich man.

Ishita replies that neither she can stop people from saying these things about her, nor she can stop Shagun thinking like this. She only knows that Shagun can never make Ruhi happy as she was planning to send her to hostel. Shagun keeps shouting at Ishita hysterically.

When the hearing starts, Ruhi is again called and asked by the judge whom she wants to stay with. And surprising everyone, Ruhi says that she wants to stay with her ‘Shagun Mamma’!

Ashok defeats Raman once again. He gives a stare of complacency to Raman.

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