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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 24th May; Will Mihir Give in Or Stand Up For His Love With Mihika? (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 24th May written episode: Raman comes to the Iyer house when they are busy in consoling Mihika. He says that Mihika and Mihir will get engaged to their partners in the same hall. He pretends being a caring and responsible son-in-law and shows great concern for Mihika.

Ishita tries to prevent it, showing the excuse of ‘muhrat’, ‘the perfect time’. It is seen that Raman has come with full preparation, to fight the Iyers. He quickly presents a priest, who opines that Mihika should get engaged before Mihir.

What is worse, Raman calls Mihika’s mother and informs about her engagement. Soumya is shocked and cannot understand how to react. Ishita tells her mother to control Soumya aunty.

Ishita recovers from the shock very soon and decides to fight back. Ishita and the Iyers appear in the function hall with full preparation. Raman discovers Ishita in the necklace he gifted her for the occasion. Raman’s plan is clean bowled when the priest declares that Mihir will get engaged fast. Ishita tells him that she has paid a higher bribe to the priest, who has taken no time in changing the schedule!

Mihir and Trisha sit for the engagement. Ishita has to start the rites as the Bahu of the family. She blesses the couple and gives the thali of engagement rings. Mihir takes out the ring. Mihika is no more able to bear the scene; Bandita controls her.

Will Mihir get engaged to Trisha? Or tell the truth to Raman? Ishita and her family wait for the moment, and the audience waits too!

Raman's Changes Plans

Everyone would be shocked when Raman would decide to make changes in Mihika's engagement.

Raman Decides To Prepone Mihika's Engagement

Raman would decide to prepone Mihika's engagement to get the entire family admit their trick on their own.

Takes Pandit's Help

Raman would take Pandit's help to prepone Mihika's engagement to the same day as Mihir's.

Mihika And Ishita In Trouble

Though they try their best Ishita and Mihika would not make Raman change the decision.

Ishita Tried Her Best

Ishita tries her best to stop Raman but would fail as Raman has come prepared to answer any thing.

Raman Calls Soumya

Raman would call Soumya Auntie to inform about Mihika's engagement and inform her that he has booked a flight ticket for her to reach the venue on time.

Soumya Auntie

Soumya auntie would be shocked to hear about Mihika's engagement and would panic hearing the news.

Raman's Game

Raman thinking it is just a game would try his best to place hindrances to Ishita.

Ishita Too Prepared

Though failed at first, Ishita prepares herself to play the game with Raman.

Ishita Give Back To Raman

Ishita would give it back to Raman about the jokes he makes about her jewelry.

Raman Fails

Though Raman tries to get Mihir's engagement first, Ishita would beat him at that to bribe the Pandit to get Mihir get engaged first.

Mihir's Engagement First

Mihir's engagement would be first.

Mihir's Situation

Will Mihir give in and get engaged to Trisha?

Mihika Watches

Mihika stands watching Mihir get engaged.

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