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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 28th May; Shagun Attempts Suicide Being Insulted By Raman (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th May written episode: Seeing Raman, Adi starts blaming him for the suffering of Shagun. Raman and Mihir come to know that Shagun has made a suicide attempt and is now admitted in the hospital. Adi insists on arresting Raman. Raman tells Mihir to contact Pathak on an urgent basis.

When the police officer interrogates Raman, Pathak comes and saves him. They discover Ashok soon. But Raman loses control over himself when he sees Param. Mihir tries to keep the situation under control.

Pathak alerts Raman that Param would make every attempt to excite him and make him violent in the presence of police. His assumption comes true when Param starts talking foul about Raman and Ishita. Raman is about to beat him. The police constable reprimands him.

When Shagun recovers and feels better, police takes her statement and asks her who is responsible for this. Shagun remembers the moments of her insult in the party. She remembers Raman’s words that she still misses him. So, is it a drama of Shagun, or she is truly hurt by the insult? Is she still possessive over Raman? The future episodes will reveal the story!

On the other hand Ishita behaves like a typical wifey, upset by Raman’s abrupt departure. She feels more neglected when Raman refuses her call. Simmi provokes her aunt against Ishita. The aunt taunts Toshi that she cannot offer a feast from her bahu, as she is a South Indian and cannot cook Punjabi dishes.

Ishita comes in the middle and says that she will manage to learn cooking Punjabi food. She invites the aunt the next day. Toshi tells Ishita that it is not so easy to satisfy the aunt. Ishita says that they together will finely manage the whole thing!

Aditya Would Have Seen Shagun Upset

Adithya would have seen his mother very upset before taking the sleeping pills.

Raman Hurt Seeing Aditya

Raman would be hurt seeing his son Aditya hurting due to Shagun's drama.

Ishita Realises

Ishita would realise due to her anger at Raman leaving in the middle of her speech.


Raman would be hurt seeing Aditya run to Ashok calling him dad.

Param Too Joins

Raman would get very angry to see Paran at the hospital too.

Ishita Calls Raman

Ishita would try to contact Raman repeatedly to enquire the reason for his leaving.

Raman Snaps At Her

Raman would snap at her for calling repeatedly.

Ishita Hurt

Ishita would be hurt hearing Raman's crude answer.

Param Creates Scene

Paran would create a scene so that Raman would react in front of the police.

Simmi Provokes Her Aunt

Simmi would provoke her aunt to talk to Toshi about the lack of Punjabi food at their house.

Ishita Handles Situation

Ishita would handle the situation by by declaring that she would cook Punjabi food the next day for all the relatives.

Toshi Worried

Toshi would get very worried about Ishita's decision.

Shagun Is Fine

Shagun would recover and Aditya would see her first after which the police would ask her for a statement.

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