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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 5th June; Ishita And Raman Suspect Romi As Madhavi Utters His Name (Pics)

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June written episode: Mrs Bhalla talks to Madhavi and makes funny efforts of taking her back to senses. She recalls their quarrels and says that she will be incomplete without her enemy! Miraculously, Madhavi responses after a few minutes. She murmurs Romi’s name and again becomes unconscious.

Ishita becomes surprised to hear Romi’s name and remembers that Madhavi was coming to her clinic with his laptop. Toshi quickly calls Simmi and informs the matter.

Ishita comes home to take Madhavi’s previous medical reports. She sees Romi in an unknown white car. She remembers that the car which hit Madhavi was of the same colour and the same brand, as was described by Raman.

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Ishita confronts Romi and asks questions, to which Romi only fumbles. He fails to convince Ishita that he was with his friends. She becomes sure that he has caused the accident of her mom.

Ishita leaves for the hospital and warns Romi that she will not spare him if he has committed the crime. Simmi tells Romi to escape for a few days and take shelter in his friend’s place. She is sure that Romi is innocent and feels scared that Raman will become strict against him.

Mr Iyer finds that presently it has become difficult for him to pay the huge bill of the hospital. Raman assures him that he will pay the bill. Ishita comes to Madhavi’s room and vows that she will punish the culprit.

Everyone Worried

Everyone including the Bhallas would be worried about Madhavi.

Toshi Talks To Madhavi

Toshi would talk to an unconscious Madhavi. She would taunt her and say all the things she hates about her.

Madhavi Moves

Toshi's words would get Madhavi show signs of life.

Utters Romi's Name

Madhavi would utter Romi's name when she would be conscious for a few seconds.

Raman Shocked

Raman would be shocked Madhavi would utter Romi's name.

Toshi And Simmi Worried

Toshi would call Simmi and enquire if she know how Romi is involved in this issue.

Ishita Sees Romi

Ishita would have come home to collect Madhavi's medical reports, when she spots Romi.

Romi With White Car

Romi would be with a white sedan just like the one that hit Madhavi.

Ishita Corners Romi

Ishita would corner Romi and demands answers about his whereabouts.

Simmi Gets Involved

Simmi would try to stop Ishita but she would declare that she will get to the bottom of this issue.

Romi To Run Away

Simmi advices Romi to run away.

Raman Pays

Raman would insist that he pay the medical bills.

Romi's Laptop

Ishita would continue to suspect Romi and his laptop involved in this issue.

Ishita - Romi

Was it Romi who hit Madhavi with his car? Or is Ishita's theory about Romi being involved a mistake? Let's wait and watch.

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