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      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 8th May; Raman And Ishita Reunite


      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May written episode: Toshi finds Simmi lying in darkness. She tries to pacify her, but Simmi refuses to talk or eat. Toshi bursts on Raman as he stood by Ishita. Raman slams her for supporting a criminal like Param. He argues that Simmi cannot blindly love a pervert, just because she has got married to him. Simmi gets a call in her mobile and goes out.

      Mr Bhalla supports Raman for everything. He tells Raman to bring Ishita back to the house. Raman becomes stubborn and says that whatever he has done, it was meant for Ishita. So, she must understand him and come back. Mr Bhalla argues that Ishita was expelled after a great insult. So, it is not so easy to take her back.

      Romi and Mr Bhalla separately go to the Iyer house and apologize to Ishita. She feels embarrassed as she is not upset with them. She refuses to come back. Raman becomes angry to know that Ishita has ignored Mr Bhalla's request.

      Shravan and Ruhi fight with each other as usual. Shravan tells Ruhi that Raman has expelled Ishita from the house. Ruhi promptly goes to Raman and asks him whether it is true. As Raman fumbles, she compels him to go to the Iyer House.

      Raman comes to the Iyer house and tells Ishita that he wants to talk. Ishita says that she is not interested to come back with him. He drags her into the bedroom. He tells her family members not to disturb as he is talking with his wife! He shuts the door.

      Raman drops his rudeness inside the closed door and politely apologizes to Ishita, for not being able to protect her. He struggles to find words and only tries to say that he is honestly sorry. His honest effort touches Ishita's heart. When he is about to leave, she calls back.

      Raman becomes happy like a child when Ishita wants to come back. They mingle together, through tears and smiles!

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