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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 25th March; Raman Insults Shagun At Holi

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 25th March written episode: The woman tells Parmit that it is his nature to abuse women. When she complained against him, she was expelled from her job. Later when other woman colleagues supported her issue, then he was sacked. She adds that he himself offered her the money for her mother’s treatment. The woman takes the money and leaves. Parmit smiles and thinks that his brother-in-law will keep giving money to him.

Mihir reminds Raman about the Holi party, that his company has sponsored. He informs that he has also invited Trisha. Raman is interested to attend the party, as he knows that Ashok and Shagun will attend the party with Adi.

Mihika is busy with the arrangement of the Holi party and Romi helps her. Her boss praises her. Mihir, Raman, Ashok and Shagun come to the same party. As Ruhi misses Raman a lot, Ishita decides to go to the party with Ruhi. Ishita leaves Toshi to Madhavi’s care.

Shagun tells Ashok that Raman is still madly in love with her. She recalls that Raman used to like her in white saree. Raman remembers when he wanted to give colour to Shagun, she played Holi with Ashok.

Shagun challenges Ashok that she can still make Raman mad for her. She comes to Raman to give colour. Raman refuses and insults her. He calls Ashok and tells him to keep watch on his girlfriend, because girls like Shagun easily escapes. Shagun confidently tells ashok that if Raman plays Holi at all, he will play it with her only.

Raman Insults Shagun

Shagun tries to play Holi with Raman but he refuses flatly and insults her.

Ishita, Ruhi And Raman

Ishita would persuades Ruhi to put Holi on her father Raman.

Shagun's Assumption

Shagun's assumption that Raman would play Holi with her gets shattered with his rejection.

Ishita Cheers Ruhi

Ishita as usual cheers up Ruhi who is upset during the Holi celebrations.

Ishita With Raman And Ruhi

It is clear that Ishita is managing to get closer to Ruhi and Raman.

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