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      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: 5th February Written Episode; Raman Gifts Ishita A Ring!


      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th February written Episode: Raman explains that he fell asleep inside his car due to extreme level of stress. In the engagement ceremony Raman’s mother and sister criticize the ring that Ishita gives to Raman. They say that it is old fashioned and claim that Raman must have bought something very gorgeous. But to their utter despair, Raman declares that he has forgot to bring a ring. Toshi Ji wants to give her ring to Ishita.

      Suddenly Raman says that he has a ring with him. He tells Mihir to bring his coat from the car. From its pocket, Raman takes out a ring, made by Ruhi for Raman. The ring bears the initial ‘R’. Ruhi gave it to Raman when he visited her school.

      Ishita becomes immensely happy to get this ring. She tells Raman that this is the only sweet thing in this disastrous engagement. Ishita asks Raman why he has taken Mihir with him. Raman tells her that police has released Mihir, as the real culprit has surrendered. Ishita is not ready to believe this. Mihir explains to Raman’s family how he found Raman sleeping inside his car and how he has taken him to the venue.

      The two families discuss the conditions of marriage. Raman declares that he does not want any kind of dowry or gift. Ishita’s mother tells Raman family that they should allow Ishita to pursue her career after marriage. She also claims that they must love her. Toshi ji says that love is both sided. Ishita will receive as much as she gives. She claims that Ishita should take care of Ruhi.

      Ashok tells Shagun that they have to attend a dinner party in the evening. Shagun declines to go as Amma is on leave and she cannot leave Ruhi alone. Ashok tells her that she must attend it anyhow. Ishita calls Shagun and tells her that there is a function inside their housing complex in the evening and she wants Ruhi with her. Shagun happily agrees to send Ruhi and becomes relieved that she can comfortably attend the party.

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