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      Yeh Hai Mohabbetain: Raman Becomes Tough On Adi Like Never Before!


      Yeh Hai Mohabbatein November 12th episode: Raman takes Toshi to the police station. She tells the inspector that she made a false complaint of kidnapping against Ishita; it was a prank, admits Toshi. She adds that Ishita is like mother Yashoda, who can love any child like its own mother. She can never hurt children. Raman supports Toshi’s statement and says how Ishita has given a mother’s love and care to his daughter Ruhi.

      The officer says that he is helpless as this is a case of child abuse; he cannot release Ishita before morning. Shagun thinks something is fishy as Ishita was not around Adi and she could not hurt him. She asks Adi what the truth is. Raman comes and says that Adi is lying.

      Raman vehemently scolds Adi for giving false allegation against Ishita. He tells him to come to the police station and say the truth. When Adi denies, Raman threatens that he will open the chapter of his car accident and send him to jail. Adi gets scared. Shagun takes him to the police station.

      Abhi contacts a minister and releases Ishita. He expresses his disgust over the fact that Ishita is being subjected to humiliation, due to Raman’s complicated past. Ishita forbids Abhi to blame Raman. Raman comes with Adi and makes him give his statement. Shagun scolds and slaps Adi. Ishita forgives him says she will not file any complaint of defamation.

      Shagun tells Mihika that now she really feels sorry. She wants to apologize to Ishita and befriend her. Mihika promises to help her. Ishita comes back home with Raman. Mihir angrily says that he will again break relationship with Shagun. Ishita forbids him. She proposes that the matter should be closed. Raman thinks that Adi should not be forgiven so easily.

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