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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Mihir’s Marriage Stopped By His Sister!

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September written episode: Shagun partly wakes up from her drunken state and calls the name of her servant. Raman becomes angry and tells her that she is in his house and should behave well. Shagun asks Ishita how she came there.

Ishita explains that she had no other option than taking her to the house as she was drunk and all alone in the road at night. And Suraj expelled her from Ashok’s house, adds Ishita. She tells Shagun to wake up quickly.

Ashok is informed by Param that Shagun is at Raman’s place. Madhavi comes to the Bhalla house to hurry others for the court marriage of Mihir and Mihika. She becomes angry seeing Shagun. Ishita tells her that she will explain later.

Before Madhavi leaves, Ashok comes to the house. Ashok and Raman start arguing. Ashok tells him that he still loves to spend time with his ex-wife. They start fighting. Ishita stops them and tells Shagun to leave the house with Ashok.

After they leave, Raman bursts on Ishita. He says that she has hurt the wound he is trying to forget for the last six years. He abhors her sympathy for a woman like Shagun. Ishita understands Raman’s pain and says sorry.

After Shagun is back, Suraj taunts her. Ashok scolds Suraj saying that he should give proper respect to Shagun. After Shagun goes to her bedroom, Ashok and Suraj laugh at her as this was a drama. Ashok says that he will expel Shagun in a way so that she cannot demand his property, on the basis of live-in partnership.

The Iyers and The Bhallas excitedly attend the court marriage of Mihir and Mihika. The magistrate tells them that there is a problem in the marriage. Mihir’s sister has sent her lawyer to give legal objection to the marriage. Mihir avoids all questions of the Iyers and leaves the room. Raman tells Ishita to leave him alone for some time.

Shagun Wakes Up

Shagun wakes up to find Raman.

Ishita And Raman

Seeing Ishita and Raman, Shagun would realise where she is.

Ishita Explains

Ishita would explain how and why she brought her here.

Ashok At Bhalla House

Ashok arrives at Bhalla house to take Shagun.

Everyone Shocked

Everyone would be shocked to see Ashok at their house.

Raman Insults Ashok

Raman insults Ashok.

Ashok Insults Raman

Ashok would then insult Raman.

Raman Gets Angry

Raman gets angry and almost hits Ashok.

Raman Blames Ishita

Raman blames Ishita for all the problems.

Ishita Apologises

Ishita apologises to Raman for all the drama.

Mihir And Mihika's Marriage

Everyone attends Mihir and Mihika's register marriage.

Mihir's Sister

Mihir's sister would have filed her objection for the marriage.

Suraj And Ashok's Plan

Though Ashok pretends otherwise in front of Shagun, his plan is to get rid of Shagun.

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